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Another Halloween will be terrorised by the master of traps.
Hairspray presents history through fun and proud cheesiness.
They know it’s ridiculous, we know it’s ridiculous but you cannot help but engage and invest in this production.
Michael Fassbender stars in the ice-cold tale of a returned serial killer.
Incorporate those heart-healthy avocados into your go-to midweek meal.
An honest and touching depiction of eating disorders which does not try to glamourise mental health problems.
It's not known who is behind the account, but whoever it is has followed every current islander along with grime star Stormzy.
Everton’s summer spending signals intent to break the stranglehold of the big six clubs.
Atari reveals their first venture into gaming consoles since 1993 with the Ataribox.
The actress has featured in hit shows That's So Raven and The Walking Dead. Now she takes on horror in her latest film.
If you like seeing hot, sweaty guys in briefs, or just watching some good expressionist dance to pumping music, it might be the perfect thing for you.
Banning them just makes them go underground - it will not stop them.
Labour has been granted an emergency 3 hour debate on plans by the Government to raise tuition fees.
There's been a grade inflation warning as the number of UK universities awarding First Class degrees has skyrocketed.
Caroline Flack would temporarily have to rename herself Caroline Frost.
Vera learns that Jake is the dirty officer bringing drugs to the prison - will the Governor let her relationship get in the way of the safety of the women?
In the alternate universe that is Love Island, the couples seem to move at a different pace to those of us in the real world.
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