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The price of fame: how celebrities really treat their fans


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Many celebrities walked the red carpet this Sunday during the EMA’s, a massive music event with all the biggest names in the music industry.

For most of the people who were there, this was a memorable evening. After spending the whole day queueing in the cold, nothing could be more exciting than being taken to the same place where all these incredible singers were going to show up.

I was there and even though I am not a committed fan of any of the celebrities who attended the event (only Eminem’s performance made me go), it was still fascinating.

For one hour, they walked the red carpet and drove their fans insane. While some celebrities stopped every time they heard someone shouting their name and took photos, hugged fans and talked to journalists, others simply did not bother and completely ignored the fuzz.

Let’s be more specific: Liam Payne, for instance, who I could even barely recognize, showed a smile constantly and talked to all their fans, taking much more time than any other celeb, whereas Demi Lovato appeared snobby and vainglorious, not showing any affection for her fans nor giving them the minimum attention.

I didn’t mind, but her fans must have. It was an exciting opportunity for them. We all know how fanatical fans behave and Demi certainly has many groups of devoted fans who follow her everywhere, sacrificing everything to talk to her, take a quick selfie or even just to see her.

She knew she would not be there for long and those few minutes would represent pretty much all of what her fans would remember. Now that the show is over, all they can remember is her walking the red carpet disdainfully, without even looking sideways. It was disappointing, to say the least.

Is it understandable? I don’t think so, but it made me think about how celebrities deal with fans. There are quite a lot of reports that show how inconsiderate and frivolous some celebs can get towards their fans. Britney Spears, for example, allegedly doesn’t let any fan close to her and has her bodyguard’s protection 24/7.

We understand that they are human beings too. Being constantly interrupted in the street while doing the most trivial tasks like grocery shopping, or being photographed during private occasions surely isn’t very pleasant.

Their private life is reduced to nothing, as everything they do is news and everything about them sells. They are photographed in the most inappropriate moments and constantly criticised for anything they do. And when they are massively famous, chances are people are taking photos of them and screaming their name as soon as they step out of the door.

Like us, they probably don’t want to be thinking 100% of the time about what to wear, what is the expression on their faces or every word that comes from their mouth. But they know that this is what happens when fame hits and whether they like it or not, judgment is always there.

Their lives are terribly stressful, that is undeniable. But here is the crucial point: even though they did not ask for it, that were well aware that this is how fame works. Demi, for instance, after speaking out about her depression and anxiety, could give up her career or do something else that does not involve so much exposure. Instead, she released more hit songs that made her even more popular.

If she wants to keep making music, she must deal with the setbacks of it, just like any other worker must deal with the setbacks of their job. It is not all fun and games.

Everyone knows the industry and if you don’t want to be part of it, all you can do is give up. It’s okay to have a bad day or be grumpier than usual, we all are sometimes, but we can’t really go to work like that. Either we take a day off or fake a smile and hope that it passes quickly, so as not to risk the chance of being fired.

Besides, fans are possibly the most important part of any celebrity’s career. What would they do without them? That is where they get support, money, and audience from. So why not take them seriously and show a bit of respect and gratitude? It would not be that hard and they all seem to know how impactful their actions are.

Their millions of followers will not vanish because of their rudeness, but their popularity might decrease and opinions are easily spread. Celebrities are responsible for being good role models and should, therefore, reconsider their approach to those who look up to them.

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