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How Selfridges Is Stealing Our Time


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If you carefully dissect the word 'Christmas' into minute parts in the modern day world, you'll soon find hidden within it the words 'free market capitalism' or 'give me all your money', or something of the sort. 

For the past few years, we've seen things like Valentine's Day, Easter and Halloween products advertised and stocked in shops well before their due date. It's now something we sort of tolerate, and often joke about, despite it, in the long run, taking us for fools.

But how about opening a Christmas shop just under five months before the big day? 

Selfridges' opening a Christmas shop so early will either make you burst out with laughter, curse at Adam Smith (Google him) or simply drain your wallet without you realising. 

It's all a bit (in the words of every Love Island 2017 contestant) muggy, if you ask me. 

What's even more laughable, is the prices Selfridges' Christmas gifts and decorations. 

You can get yourself an ultimate drinks hamper that'll polish £1,000 off your bank account, or go for something a little more low-key like a single Christmas tree bauble for £70 (bargain).

As a result of the department store bringing forward Christmas, it's made me a little depressed.

Time is a bit of a precious thing if you hadn't noticed, and it seems as though all Selfridges (and of course many other stores) want to do is rob me, and you, of this time, as well as fleece us of our money.

Bringing a few months forward for the stores is nothing and everything. They've existed long before us and will go on for an indefinite amount of time after us. They can make millions more from lengthening out what is now supposed to be a seasonal holiday. 

But for us, it takes away a few more months of relaxation and time to enjoy the intermittent periods in which we're forced (or at least felt to be forced) to spend copious amounts of money on gifts that aren't worth the time. 

A lot of people won't really look this much into it, and think it just a harmless way of Selfridges' making it easier for those with not a lot of time on their hands to bag their Christmas gifts well before December suddenly creeps up on us and we ask, "Where did September, October, and November go?"  

But it all seems quite disquieting for my liking.

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