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The NUS is spending £20k to send students to a march


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 The NUS has 'secured' £20,000 in funding to help SU's send their students to the People's Vote March in London.

The aim of the march is to demand a second Brexit referendum.

The £20k will reimburse student unions that book coaches to send their students to the march on 20th October.

SU's have until Monday to request their costs to be covered. They must send their invoices by the end of the month.

The NUS campaign for a People's Vote is being led by Amatey Doku who is NUS Vice-President for Higher Education. 

However, some union members have questioned the NUS's actions.

Rachel O'Brien, NUS Disabled Students' Officer, branded the funding as hypocritical. Last year, the NUS refused to back 'a free education demo because it would be inaccessible.' 

O'Brien was surprised when they saw on their Facebook timeline the same NUS officers 'who were going on about how "inaccessible" all demos are for disabled people - sharing the post encouraging SUs to take students on the demo.'

NUS member Laura Lunn-Bates has raised concerns about the source of the funding.

Eva Crossan Jory, NUS Vice-President Welfare, also questioned the source of the money in relation to the lack of money that was needed to repeal the 8th.

Riddi Viswanathan, International Students' Officer at Manchester University Students' Union, commented:

"Without doubt, the People's Vote Campaign is extremely important to amplify the voice of young people to have a final say on Brexit. It's great to also note that the NUS has secured funding to cover the costs of SUs paying for minibuses and coaches.

"But, what would be better is more transparency around where the £20k came from considering the fact that the entire annual budget of some of the liberation and International campaigns is less than the People's Vote March budget.

"I am also aware that there were a number of other marches in the past, including the Free Education demo, which weren't financially supported due to the lack of funding."

The National Student has contacted the NUS Press Office seeking responses from Eva, Eden and Amatey.

An NUS spokesperson replied: 

“We are working collaboratively with a number of organisations to secure a final say on the Brexit.

"As part of those efforts, we are promoting funds that have been made available through our campaigning partners.

"This will enable students’ unions to support students who wish to participate in the March for a People’s Vote on the 20th October.”

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