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The world last week - 5 stories you may have missed


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Trump's first week as President has been a big one. But what else happened around the world last week?


A young man was killed by a tiger in China. He had apparently been visiting Youngor Wildlife Park in the city of Ningbo with his wife and child. The park, which is almost 130 miles south of Shanghai, was closed to visitors around 3pm local time. The tigers dragged and bit the man, who died in hospital due to the injuries he sustained. One of the tigers was shot dead by keepers as they attempted to rescue the man. It is not known how he ended up in the tiger's enclosure.


A tiger at Kansas City Zoo.



Football has returned to Aleppo. The city, which was at the centre of the Syrian civil war, staged its first live match in five years this weekend. Since Aleppo was split between pro-Assad forces and rebel fighters in 2011, professional football has been absent from the city. The match was a derby between Al-Ittihad and their rivals Al-Hurriya. Al-Ittihad won the match, played in a bomb-hit stadium, 2-1.


Babestation went on the road last week. Three models made their way to the small Irish town of Westport to apologise to local residents, who have been plauged with calls meant for the station. As Irish callers hoping for a late night chat with Babestations models are phoning the TV channel and forgetting to add the UK's phone code, they're reaching the County Mayo residents of Westport instead. This is due to a similarity between the town's area code and the start of Babestation's number. Westport was named the nicest place to live in Ireland in 2012 by the Irish Times.

The normally idyllic town of Westport



The set of a music video turned into a tragedy in Brisbane last week, as an actor was shot dead. Johann Ofner had been filming scenes of a gunfight for the newest video of hip hop group Bliss n Eso. The exact cause of the 28 year-old stunt man's death has not been officially confirmed. Reps have claimed that only blanks were used in the prop guns. A criminal investigation is under way. 


An entire town was destroyed in Chile. The wildfires, the country's worst in modern history, razed Santa Clara and its 1,000 buildings to the ground. City Mayor Carlos Valenzuela compared the fire to Dante's Inferno. There are over 100 fires still burning around the country, and authorities recently raised the death toll to 11. Governments from around the world have leant planes to the efforts to control the fires.


Photos Flickr: Shawn Kinkade, Soreen D

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