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These are the country's 5 favourite adverts
This degree subject will earn you the most money
Cambridge is about to employ a Lego professor
The USA now has a holiday resort dedicated to weed smokers


'I won't be silent': Read Serena Williams' heartfelt comments on police shootings

“As Dr Martin Luther King said: ‘There comes a time when silence is betrayal.’”

Jeremy Hunt wins High Court battle with junior doctors over contract

Justice Green concluded that Hunt had approved the contract but had not compelled employers to adopt it.

A baby with three parents has been born in Mexico

A breakthrough in medical science. 

The new peace deal that has ended half a century of conflict in Columbia

Peace has been a long time coming, and it isn’t secure yet.

Trump v Clinton: In Depth

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton clashed in the first televised debate of the campaign.

The new Barnardo's advert is such a tear-jerker that the charity has had to apologise

The advert’s inspirational message hit viewers hard.

Mum bakes a 'sorry we thought you did drugs' cake for her daughter

Rachel was pretty sure she hadn't actually taken meth. 

Interview: NUS Vice President Richard Brooks

The VP of our national union, NUS, took time to answer our questions on the union and our current state of politics.

Everything that happened during the first live TV debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

The Democrat and Republican rivals squared off for 90 minutes at Hofstra University in New York.

Our new magazine hits campuses today

That’s right, The National Student is back in print! 

What does the future hold for the Calais Jungle camp's residents?

The camp is set to be demolished by the end of the year.

Police called to report of assault, find zombies driving down the motorway instead

“The officers probably got a bit of a shock but they appear to have survived.”

Newcastle students join protest against local letting agent

Activists and students gathered outside letslivehere's office on New Bridge Street to demand higher standards of housing for its tenants.

Remain poster featuring seemingly naked Nigel Farage was vetoed for being "too toxic"

A "post-coital" Farage was deemed too much for the public to handle.

Why are we clubbing less?

Only 8% of Britons are regular clubbers.

Watch customers tasting insects at London "Pestaurant"

Could this be the future of dining? No. No it could not.

This man became a goat for three days and won a prize - all in the name of science

“I got tired of all the worry and the pain of being a human and so I decided I would take a holiday from it all and become a goat.”

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