Write For Us | Friday 6 May 2016
These are the country's 5 favourite adverts
This degree subject will earn you the most money
Cambridge is about to employ a Lego professor
The USA now has a holiday resort dedicated to weed smokers


Free university and legal drugs: meet Ankit Love, the London mayoral candidate you've never heard of

The youngest candidate for London mayor wants to legalise cannabis and use the profits to fight violent crime.

What's happening to the crime rate in the UK?

It was feared that when faced with a recession, crime rates in the UK would go up. But, as the recession drags on and crime rates plummet, criminologists, politicians and social scientists are having to look a little closer to figure out what exactly is going on.

Students shortlisted for TV gongs

Over fifty students have been shortlisted for the prestigious Royal Television Society (RTS) awards.

Drunk driver jailed for killing student

Student tragically mown down on way to halls.

Student wins payout over 'sex-obsessed' creative writing course at Welsh uni

Welsh student wins £750 after complaining she had to attend 'distressing' lectures on Poe and Shakespeare.

Rhodes Must Fall Oxford student in race row after making waitress cry "white tears"

Oxford scholarship student Ntokozo Qwabe bragged about making the waitress cry on Facebook.

University of York's School of PEP faces uncertain future

The National Student has learned that the University of York's esteemed Department of PEP is under threat as the University undertakes a review into the future of the School.

Junior doctors' strike: "We're at a tipping point over unsafe contracts"

We spoke to junior doctors about what the strikes are all about

Japan hosts Y7 Summit

Young future leaders will gather in Tokyo to create a strong united voice on global issues. G7 world leaders: listen up

The Way We Die Now

Korea Life Consulting stages people’s funerals for them. People attend their own funerals to assess their priorities in life, but funerals themselves are changing...

This is the worst university in the country (for this week at least)

Another week, another shame-faced university being ranked the worst in the whole of the land.

This is the worst university in the UK, according to students

When it comes to university rankings, someone has got to come at the bottom of the pile.

Most British people wish their job was more creative

 63% of Brits wishing they were in a career where they could make more use of their creative skills, according to a survey.

Substance abuse is “one of biggest threats” to under 25s

16-25 year olds in the UK are increasingly suffering from substance abuse problems, according to a leading youth charity.

'Pinterest perfect' rooms replace student squalor

We're swapping squalor for 'pinterest perfect' room - because we're all so sensible these days!

"Voyeuristic" David Attenborough should be banned from university campuses

David Attenborough should be “no platformed” by UK universities due to his “exploitation of animals purely in the pursuit of his own voyeuristic gains”, according to a student pressure group.

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