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This degree subject will earn you the most money
Cambridge is about to employ a Lego professor
The USA now has a holiday resort dedicated to weed smokers


British woman stabbed to death by attacker shouting 'Allahu Akbar' in Australian hostel

The stabbing took place in a small town popular with backpackers looking for fruit-picking work.

JK Rowling has some strong words about what you shouldn’t be doing on your gap year

Everyone’s favourite twitter person JK Rowling spent this weekend laying down some hard truths about your potential gap year travels.

Using supermarket mouthwash could stop you contracting gonorrhoea

Avoid the itchy pants dance with this clever trick.

Social media, pushy parents and peer pressure to blame for rise in depression in teenage girls

The number of girls aged 14 to 15 experiencing symptoms of mental ill health has risen 10% in a decade.

Women BANNED from university by Ultra-Orthodox Jewish sect

“No girls attending our school are allowed to study and get a degree. It is dangerous. Girls who will not abide will be forced to leave our school.”

Women with children face greater gender gap than the childless

The study has found by the time a woman’s first child had reached the age of 12, their hourly pay was 33% down on men.

BAME workers a third more likely to be underemployed

According to the report, “underemployment is a major problem in the UK, and it only gets worse if you’re black, Asian, or part of any ethnic minority.”

Negotiating with Isis: What the experts think

Should we negotiate with the group? And if not, is there anyone else in Iraq and Syria we could negotiate with instead?

Two Irish women live-tweeted their journey to the UK for an abortion

The women were raising awareness for the movement to repeal the Eighth Amendment anti-abortion law.

People are sharing personal stories about sexual harassment in schools on Twitter

The Everyday Sexism Project hopes the stories highlight the need for sex and relationships education to be made compulsory in schools.

A satirical Banksy mural has mysteriously vanished just a few miles from GCHQ

A video posted on Twitter on Saturday appeared to show the site covered with a tarpaulin and the sound of machinery on masonry.

Meet the winner of the 2016 Shed of the Year competition

Kevin Herbert spent eight years building West Wing at the bottom of his Berkshire garden.

The perfect job for gin lovers

As well as all the gin, you get to travel at the same time… “ginternational”, some might say.

Students prioritising their future career over clubbing

Due to rising fees and the recent loss of maintenance grants, students are prioritising setting themselves up for a future career.

Jeremy Corbyn calls for 'magic circle' of politics to be broken

Corbyn said the “magic circle of decision-making” meant the views of “ordinary people” were ignored.

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