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These are the country's 5 favourite adverts
This degree subject will earn you the most money
Cambridge is about to employ a Lego professor
The USA now has a holiday resort dedicated to weed smokers


Should we have compulsory voting in the UK?

We look at whether post-Brexit Britain would benefit from a system like Australia’s.

All you need to know about the battle of the Somme 100 years on

Just in case you didn't listen in Year 10 history lessons. 

What Theresa May will (probably) do if she becomes the next PM

No change in trading relationships, no tax increases and above all not letting the referendum result take priority over everything.

Everything you need to know about the Conservative Party leadership race

With Boris out, we have 5 candidates for PM. Here they are.

Student wins £1000 bar tab, donates the money to charity instead

Donating the money to an important cause.

BREAKING: Boris Johnson will NOT stand for Conservative Party Leadership

Boris Johnson has ruled himself out of the race for Conservative Party Leadership.

Syrian refugee hands back €150,000 he found in second-hand wardrobe

German police said he deserves "great respect" and acted in "an exemplary way."

Where does Jeremy Corbyn stand after another difficult day for the Labour leader?

Things aren’t getting any easier for Corbyn and his supporters.

Increase in racist incidents reported post-Brexit

It seems as if Brexit was the perfect opportunity for racism to rear its ugly head.

HIV in the UK: Meet the young people changing social perceptions

There's a worrying lack of awareness in society regarding HIV - and that's exactly what Jacob Alexander and Danny Germain are out to address.

Tory leadership candidate Stephen Crabb voted against gay marriage

Crabb says the 2013 vote has no relevance to his bid to lead the Conservative Party.

'For heaven's sake man, go!' David Cameron calls on Jeremy Corbyn to resign

Well, we always knew today's PMQs would be heated.

#SafetyPin campaign shows solidarity with immigrants amid post-EU vote racism

It’s inspired by the #RideWithMe campaign started after the Sydney cafe siege in 2014 – people said they would sit with Muslims on public transport.

Regular clubbers experience more violent crimes than non-clubbers

Research from Nottingham Trent University found that male clubbers experience more violent crime than non-clubbers.

Nicola Sturgeon is meeting officials to discuss Scotland's place in the EU today

Scotland’s First Minister’s initial aim is to “raise awareness of the fact that Scotland voted differently in this referendum to the UK”.

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