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These are the country's 5 favourite adverts
This degree subject will earn you the most money
Cambridge is about to employ a Lego professor
The USA now has a holiday resort dedicated to weed smokers


How this US town stood up to an unexpected act of anti-Semitism

In suburban Philadelphia, hundreds of people are now turning a symbol of hate into one of love.

Scientists think some people's love of coffee is genetic

A study found a link between coffee consumption and the PDSS2 gene.

French court has overturned the controversial burkini ban

After global outrage, the ruling has been reconsidered.

Fraudsters target freshers' student loans

A new wave of phishing emails are claiming that if students do not respond with personal information updates they'll lose the first instalment of their loan.

British backpacker injured fleeing Australia attack that killed Mia Ayliffe-Chung 'devastated' by her death

Mia’s friend Chris Porter reportedly jumped from a building to flee the suspect.

Hillary Clinton hits back at 'extremist ' Farage

The Democratic nominee was speaking to a crown in Nevada.

We spoke to an organiser of the #WearWhatYouWant Beach Party protest

This is not simply about Muslim women, but the right to choose for women across the world

Another strong aftershock has hit quake-devastated central Italy

The US Geological Survey said the aftershock had a preliminary magnitude of 4.7.

Rogue Lancaster University lawnmower accidentally sets off trigger for Northern Lights across Europe

Oops. We think one gardener might be feeling a little bit silly today.

Nigel 'Mr Brexit' Farage speaks at Trump Rally

The outgoing UKIP leader Nigel Farage told Americans to ‘stand up against the establishment’ as he spoke in support of the Trump campaign at a rally in Mississippi last night.

Petition to #SaveFabric has almost 50,000 signatures

“No matter how old you are, rich or poor, colour or gender, you are welcome in the club.”

“We're not a hookup app for sex and brojobs. The other apps just make me sad.”

Scott Kutler, founder of the gay and straight 'dating' app BRO, dicusses the ethics of gay dating apps and what his new app is trying to achieve.

You'll probably get away with smoking weed if you're from these counties

Police forces in the UK are ignoring cannabis posession to concentrate on "more important" things. 

50% of girls lack financial confidence

Boys aged 8 receive 13% extra pocket money per week than girls the same age, and this grows to 18% in adulthood.

Planet discovered that could contain alien life

Proxima b, which is only 4 light years away, could contain a “habitable zone” where temperatures are mild enough to permit liquid surface water.

A man has been charged with the murder of Mia Ayliffe-Chung in an Australian hostel

The 29-year-old French man may have had an "obsession" with Mia.

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