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Students lose High Court battle over tuition fees rise

17th February 2012 15:00:00

Two students have lost their High Court battle against the tuition fees rise by universities.

Following the coalition government making the decision to allow universities to charge students up to £9,000 a year, Katy Moore and Callum Hurley (pictured) felt that the hike was against human rights and equality laws.

The 17 year olds took legal action, with their lawyers describing the rise as a “barrier” to higher education for money-deprived students.

However, while the High Court judges agreed the government had failed to “fully carry out” its public sector equality duties, they added it would “not be appropriate” to suppress the decision as it had been a “very substantial compliance.”

Speaking after the ruling, the representative of Katy and Callum, Tessa Gregory of Public Interest Lawyers, expressed her disappointment. She said: “In its ruling the court made a clear declaration that the government, when it passed the regulations increasing tuition fees, failed to comply with its public sector equality duties.”

She continued: “It found the government's analysis on equality issues was inadequate.  That the court made this finding in relation to such a key plank of the government's higher education policy cannot but reflect badly on these rushed reforms.”

Despite the ruling, Katy, from Brixton, south London, aspires to become a research scientist, while Callum, from Peterbrough, still plans on going to university to study IT.

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