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Hear This: Ella Mai - Trip


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Ella Mai is known for her smooth vocals partnered with an equally smooth, trap-heavy production. Her latest single ‘Trip’ reflects this M.O. whilst shining a spotlight on her lyrical talent.

London-based R&B starlet Ella Mai returns with her first track since her multi-platinum single ‘Boo’d Up’, which kicked off the viral ‘Boo’d Up’ challenge. ‘Trip’ is moodier, less poppy, and ultimately far more beautiful.

The simple intro piano melody blends perfectly into a typical new age R&B ‘trap-soul’ style, with rattling high hats, a soft 808 bassline and a standard kick pattern all in accompaniment. The highlight of the track is by far the lyrical content. The track revolves around love, and more pertinently, addiction to love.

Mai laments about how crazy in love she is with her “boy”, how his love is so hard to avoid that she resorts to drinking to numb her urges, all with the pretence that she knows she should be trying to curb her addiction. Her vocal performance throughout the track is superb and especially so in the outro, where the beat spaces out for a brief moment, allowing her to tragically declare her self-blame: “I admit I was wrong when I did it”, bringing together that core theme of duality of love to a perfect climax, before the track moodily tails off.

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