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Fresher Sounds (21/09/2015)


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Well, I’m rubbish with introductions. So, hey.

Welcome to the new series of ‘Fresher Sounds’, let’s hope I don’t cock this all up as the new columnist.

So whilst your face is squished up against the car window as you move your stupid amount of belongings back to university, or if you’re just needing distraction from any horrible mental image of Cameron getting it on with the mouth of a dead pig (allegedly), stick these awesome new tracks in your lugholes.  


Dråpe - My Friend The Scientist

Scandinavian based Drape (pronounced ‘Draw-peh’) combine euphoric vocals with woozy guitars and a surf-rock hooks. The quintet’s forthcoming album Relax/Relapse was titled to describe their experience of creating music, and represents their lyricism.

Altogether, ‘My Friend The Scientist’ is bathed in the sounds of 60s psyche - a euphoric haven. 

Christine and The Queens – No Harm Is Done feat. Tunji Ige

French native Heloise Lettissier, or Christine and The Queens to you and I, has joined forces with American recording artist Tunji Ige for a diamond produced single. Lifted from her French recorded forthcoming album, it’s icy, angular and sharp.

With guitar slinking straight out of Arctic Monkey’s ‘AM’, it's infused with careful blends of RnB and soul.


Seafret – Drown (Bring Me The Horizon cover)

The Bridlington duo have given Bring Me The Horizon’s ‘Drown’ an acoustic makeover. One that shouldn’t work, but isn't crap. Built on a sense of urgency, forceful harmonies drive and swell in striking confession. Fiery and warm, low key guitars soar.

A promising, and refreshing take that has no difficulty in alighting excitement for the forthcoming Communion New Faces tour, where the duo will be headlining.


New Order – Plastic

Fresh from eagerly anticipated album Music Complete set for release this week, latest single ‘Plastic’ illuminates the band’s electronic side. Sultry vocals contrast upbeat, heart racing electro with a melancholic undertone.

It’s one for Tuesday nights on the alt dance floor, post 3am.


DIIV – Dopamine

After a testing couple of years, DIIV ('Dive', not 'Div') fans were treated to the first song from sophomore album Is The Is Are. Showcasing perhaps the strongest vocals to date, swirling vocals spin repetitively ‘I got so high I finally felt like myself’ as a fast paced beat dances alongside sun-kissed guitars and woozy hooks.

‘Dopamine’ speeds its way to an abrupt ending, where grinning you’ll hazily press play once more to stop the feeling from fizzing away.


ESCAPADES – Nicotine

ESCAPADES is the latest project of Northern boy making music down South, Rob Wilson. Quieter moments roar into life, building momentum to a stadium filling anthem of a debut single. As funky rhythm envelops a swing feel, Wilson’s vocals spill passion. Co-written with Orla Gartland, with backing vocals from Greta Isaac, a hint of husk and splatters of smoke give a biting edge to the addictive pop nugget.

Sing it into the hairbrush.


Lady Gaga – Till It Happens To You

Lady Gaga’s latest release really strikes a chord. Written with Diane Warren to contribute to upcoming film ‘The Hunting Ground’, together they strive to raise awareness of the sexual assaults taking place on college campuses.

Targeted lyrics ‘Til it happens to you, you don’t know how it feels’ become goose bump raising poignant alongside the black and white, graphic video. Classical instrumentals, vocals that both shake and find strength with realism, a booming delivery forces with power.

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