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There's actually a dating app for people that went to private school


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A gentleman never brings up Brexit during supper.

The name doesn't sound much like anything in particular - if pressed, I might think it was an app for sweets aficionados. The app works like Tinder with its own 'sophisticated matching algorithm' but with a twist.

In order to join Toffee Dating, you must be a private school alumnus.

That's right.

Old Etonians alumni network for the top seven percent in the country is now a dating app.


App developer Lydia Davis has been accused of elitism and classism for reinforcing economic, social and political divisions based around privilege, particularly around those who can and cannot afford a private education for their children (even with a bursary).

After Theresa May floated the grammar school policy in 2016, arguments erupted over the perceived 'pigeon-holing' of 11-year-olds and its effects on social mobility.

The policy was eventually dropped.

However, by excluding anyone who doesn't fit into this already limited bubble, Toffee Dating arguably follows the same route in reinforcing rigid notions of class and background, not only avoiding social mobility but actively preventing it.

Featured image by Toffee Dating

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