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Blogger praises Glastonbury's incredible response following her sexual assault


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A heartwarming blog post has gone viral after a young woman known as Laura opened up about being sexually assaulted and her struggle to come to terms with the attack. 


Laura recently wrote a post on her blog lifeonlauralane discussing the attack and the effect that it has had on her life. However refusing to focus on the negatives Laura used her post to highlight the good things in her life, specifically using the post to thank Glastonbury Festival and the Eavis family. 

However refusing to focus on the negatives Laura used her post to highlight the good things in her life, specifically using the post to thank Glastonbury Festival and the Eavis family. 

When it comes to festivals as big as Glastonbury it can be easy to assume they forget the little people, too caught up in the acts and logistics to focus on the customers and their struggles. However, Glastonbury proved this to be untrue, showing a kindness and compassion to Laura that is almost unheard of nowadays.

In the blog post Laura explains that she had bought tickets to go to Glastonbury Festival with her friends, before being horrifically attacked by two men she had thought she could trust.

They were among the group she was supposed to go to Glastonbury with, and after her other friends took their side (they were too afraid to break up the group) she was forced to consider not going.

Laura claimed that she searched for an email address or phone number she could use to contact the organisers, but after failing to find one she resorted to filling in a 500 word enquiry that she presumed would never be seen.

Thankfully it was.

According to Laura employees at the festival recognised the importance of protecting women, especially rape survivors, and took every step they could to ensure her safety and happiness. 

Surprisingly concerned with ensuring she had a good time at the festival, they provided her with a car parking pass so that she would not need to travel with her assailants, and rushed her through security so that she could avoid the group who chose to support them. 

Furthermore Adrian, the Events Operations Lead, strategised with local police on how best to protect Laura. Adrian went above and beyond to protect Laura, offering her hospitality wrist bands so that she could access quite bars if she needed some space.

He also wrote a letter demanding that 'the bearer of the letter must have her requests for her safety taken seriously and she must be taken to safety immediately'. Laura was instructed to carry this letter, along with a list of emergency contact numbers, throughout her time at the festival.  

Despite being too afraid to go to some of the events she knew her previous friends would be at, and subsequently not seeing every band she had hoped to, she claimed to have had an amazing time. This was largely down to the employees and organisers of the Glastonbury Festival, who did all that they could to protect Laura and ensure she could enjoy the festival secure in the knowledge that she was safe.

Rape and sexual assault is an unfortunate issue which is increasing at festivals. As such it is a relief to see the employees and organisers at Glastonbury take the situation so seriously. 

They went above and beyond the call of duty and deserve praise for their determination to prioritise and protect their customers. We can only hope that other companies will follow in their footsteps. 

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