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11 questions #AskEddie dealt with like a boss whilst running Southern Rail’s Twitter this afternoon


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He’s a hero for our age, and even though Eddie has now ended his epic two days in charge of Southern Rail’s Twitter account, he’ll live in our hearts for a long time yet.

Mainly because of answers like this:

He is 15, so it makes sense that he’s entirely devoid of cynicism. If only we could all be this way...

See, relentless optimism. And also, unfailing politeness.

Coupled with a certain amount of scientific wisdom:

And logic:

And utter, complete purity:

Also, he has a GREAT philosophy on biscuits:

And a very definite answer to this extremely existential question:

He isn’t afraid to share what he’s learnt, either:

Or share his Love Island predictions:

Or get deep into the origins of men/monkeys:

I think you’ll agree, we can all learn something from Eddie.

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