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One in ten Brits will be drunk before Christmas dinner is even served


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A poll of 2,000 Brits has revealed that almost 12% of us admit to being hammered before Christmas dinner is even on the table, with men twice as likely as women to start drinking on the big day. That’s the equivalent of 6 million festive drunkards across the country. Cue too much laughter at crap jokes in crackers and yet more demands for a top up of mulled wine...

The study, by supermarket app Ubamarket, also found that our over indulgence doesn’t stop at alcohol. 15% of people admit to being sick on Christmas Day as a result of scoffing too much food. Amongst millennials, the number doubles.

Why are we happy to stuff ourselves to the point of bursting on Christmas you ask? It’s probably to do with stress. Over a third of people say that the Christmas food shop is the most stressful trip to the supermarket they take all year. We don’t help ourselves out though, as almost 30% bugger this up the first time, leading to a last-minute dash to the shops to pick up forgotten ingredients.

Some people avoid this by just leaving all the work to everyone else. Christmas may be a time for giving, but one in ten of us are happy lying to get out of doing any shopping. No wonder 16% of people end up arguing with their partners or family over Christmas dinner. That equates to 8 million Christmas feuds, many started over things like unwanted family visits or who’s turn it is to check the turkey.

However, according to a study of 2,000 people conducted by the Natural Hydration Council, it seems we can pretty much all agree on one thing: as millions of people finish work for the holidays and Christmas draws ever closer, 75% of us admit that it'll be difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the next couple of weeks. I'll drink to that.

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