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Remain poster featuring seemingly naked Nigel Farage was vetoed for being "too toxic"


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If you compare the way that the UK and USA run political campaigns, they are undoubtedly very different. One of the large discrepancies is the use of attack ads.

In America attacking your opponents is a matter of course. Just see Hillary Clinton going for Donald Trump.

And Trump on Clinton.

However, attack ads are much less common in British politics, where many people think it’s an own goal to get personal with your opponents.

This is perhaps why David Cameron rejected a series of racy Saatchi & Saatchi posters made for the Remain campaign.

One poster shows Nigel Farage in bed (in what looks like a post-coital position), with the words “Don’t wake up to something you’ll regret”.

According to The Times, Cameron’s chief spin doctor Craig Oliver deemed it “too toxic”. While attack ads aren’t unheard of in Britain – just think of the hugely successful poster showing Ed Miliband in Alex Salmond’s pocket for the 2015 general election – this one was thought to be just that bit too far.

Boris Johnson.
(Philip Toscano/PA)

This wasn’t the only ad that Cameron vetoed. He also decided not to run one aimed towards Boris Johnson, showing a scruffy picture of London’s former mayor with the caption “Be careful what you wish for”.

These revelations come as part of the former Times political editor Philip Webster’s new book Inside Story.

Some pundits on Twitter think it would have been a very effective ad.

Whereas others are less convinced that it would have made much of a difference to the outcome of the referendum.

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