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The best things that happened at Manchester Pride this weekend


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Thousands of people came together in Manchester this weekend to celebrate Pride in a whirl of colour, music and love. The annual parade snaked through the city, and here are our favourite things that happened.

The theme was Once Upon A Time so everyone basically felt like royalty.

Some people brought their A-Game, aka A HORSE-DRAWN CARRIAGE.

People gave out gifts: appropriately themed, obvs. We can’t help but love the dedication.

Jeremy Kyle was there.

SPAR became slightly more glam than usual.

Even the police got into the spirit of the day.

We saw one of the biggest flags. Ever.

Everything was rainbow – and by everything, we mean EVERYTHING. Including this giant neckerchief. Because who doesn’t need an oversized multi-coloured neckerchief?

Some people certainly knew how to travel in style.

There were twirling nuns. The Sound Of Music, eat your heart out.

Even a bit of rain couldn’t dampen spirits at Manchester Pride, as people were just too busy celebrating love.

Trust us, it was a pretty heartwarming event.

Happy Pride!

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