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Hear This: Andrew Bird - Sisyphus


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“I think My Finest Work Yet is my finest work yet,” Andrew Bird modestly remarks of his own upcoming album in the music video for his new single.

Image Credit: Reuben Cox

Bird’s mock-narcissistic tone turns the tables on critics in his latest single 'Sisyphus', where he sings of the Greek King of the song's namesake. Condemned to push a large rock up a steep hill for eternity, Sisyphus suggests that our struggles in life are what make us whole. Bird questions the famous myth: “Did he raise both fists and say, ‘to hell with this and just let the rock roll’?” over crashing drums, snappy bass and soothing strings that seem to echo from the depths of a canyon.

A classically trained instrumentalist, Andrew Bird’s focus has always been on melody and texture; on 'Sisyphus' the plethora of instrumentals are never at odds with Bird’s voice and each gives space for the other to excel.  

Directed by Matthew Daniel Siskin, the humorous video that accompanies the single opens with Bird wearing an oversized sculpted head and riding along on what seems to be a horse. Bird fashions himself as a freewheelin’ country cowboy oblivious to what others think of him and forces us to question what would happen if we ourselves walked away from our own critics; “Take my hand, we’ll claim this land / Take my hand, and we’ll let the rock roll.” 

My Finest Work Yet is due for release in March 2019 and will feature both singles 'Sisyphus' and 'Bloodless'.

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