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Fresher Sounds - The best new music - 21/01/2019


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It's that time of year. 

The New Year excitement has well and truly died down, pressures of work and study have resumed and the cold weather does not appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. In the midst of the January blues, it seems we are all in need of some musical relief. So sit back, relax and check out the collection of this week’s newest releases. 

Image via Sonic PR

Déyyess – Control

This commanding track from newcomer Déyyess is a powerful and haunting cry of self-assurance. In her own words, the track is “about being confident in yourself to drive your dreams and visions, being prepared to tackle whatever/whoever tries to push you off course and stand your ground.” 

The track’s thumping beat is elevated by Deyyess’ ethereal vocals that are a cross between Lana Del Rey and Gabrielle Aplin. 

'Control' is only the second release from Deyyess but if it is anything to go by she is certainly one to watch. 

Rømans – Be Fine 

The London born singer’s latest release is the optimistic, soulful track 'Be Fine'. The song showcases Rømans’outstanding vocals that hark back to 70s powerhouses, James Brown and Curtis Mayfield. 

The track is an uplifting and resilient response to the traumas of the world, reaffirming the message that in the end, everything will be fine. It is a powerful song that is brought to life by Rømans truly wonderful vocals.

Carson McHone – Drugs

Carson McHone is bringing her native Texan voice to the UK this year with her first tour on this side of the Atlantic, ahead of the release of her new album Carousel. McHone’s voice is a mellow and relaxing country sound that packs all the raw emotion of a singer who has spent years on the road, a surprising feat for a musician just shy of 21. 'Drugs' is a painful and powerful track but it is one that feels easy on the ear, perfect for study music or simply a chill playlist. 

SPELLING – Under the Sun

'Under the Sun' is a weird and wonderful rhythmic tune that feels like a homage to 80s synth beats whilst incorporating more contemporary sounds and ethereal vocals. It comes from San Francisco native Chrystia Cabral whose musical work began in 2015, inspired by the loss of her loved one. 

Cabral describes 'Under the Sun' as “a cosmic prayer for good fortune” it is the second release from her upcoming album Mazy Fly which is due out in February. 

Jakuzi – Suphe 

'Suphe' is the latest release from Turkish synth wave duo Jakuzi. The band made their mark on the underground Istanbul music scene in 2015 but rose to prominence with the release of their debut album Fantezi Müsik in 2017. After finding it hard to break through the language barrier into mainstream success, the band’s second album comes as an ode to the outcasts. 

This first single from the upcoming album is a melancholy and calming track that allows vocalist Kutay Soyocak’s powerfully haunting voice to shine through. The sporadic and ethereal music video is the perfect fit for the emotional sensitivity that is on show here.

 Skinny Lister – My Distraction 

“My Distraction” is an infectious rock and roll track from London based band Skinny Lister, that screams 80s nostalgia. This playful homage to classics Blondie and The Jam is carried by frontwoman Lorna Thomas’ powerful vocals and is elevated by infectiously danceable instrumentals and an accompanying eccentric music video. 

Band members Dan and Lorna described the track as “about being so obsessed with something that everything else falls by the wayside.” It is a contagious track that sets expectations high for the band's upcoming album, The Story is… which is due for release later this year.

 Bayonne – Drastic Measures 

'Drastic Measures' is the title track of Bayonne’s upcoming second album and if it is anything to go by then the Texan's upcoming release will be an uplifting and chilled-out addition to his already impressive discography. 

The track is layered with various loops, tones and beats, intended to be a melodic kaleidoscope depicting the extreme highs and crushing lows of life as a touring artist. The track follows Bayonne, aka Roger Sellers, as he explores the sporadic and unstable experience of the travelling musician, which as he describes is, “a uniquely bittersweet lifestyle that demands plenty of self-care.

Hockeysmith – Lonely Loving Me  

Previously operating as a duo, Hockeysmith, now comprised of soloist Annie Hockeysmith, is returning to the music scene with a brand new EP set for release this Friday 25th January.

'Lonely Loving Me' is the first single from the new EP and it's a blissful, electronic dance, anthem. The track is the result of time spent by Annie in the underground scenes of both Cornwall and Copenhagen.

The track bridges the cultures of the contrasting locations whilst remaining true to both. It is a sonic ode to 90s EDM and is carried by Annie’s wonderfully infectious vocals. 

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