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Hear This: Fickle Friends - San Francisco


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The Brighton based indie band Fickle Friends' latest single is a soothing, upbeat mix of pop magic that is sure to lift your spirits as those rainy evenings draw in. 

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The newest release from relative newcomers, Fickle Friends, is a melodic and optimistic ode to living while you’re young in San Francisco. The song begins with the unapologetic lyric, "I wanna find an apartment in San Francisco / Spend all my money on cigarettes and vintage clothes" that channels a millennial experience through the guise of the romanticised, Hollywood lense. 

The chorus rings with positivity as lead vocalist Natassja Shiner sings, "I got this glow in this city that I love". The single exudes an infectious kind of happiness that you can't help but glow to yourself. Shiner’s vocals are a perfect blend of ethereal fragility and rhythmic power and elevate the record beyond its limits.

The single does not stray away from the sweet synth-pop style that the band established on their debut album You Are Someone Else, released earlier this year. And it's a good thing too - they seem to have found a winning formula in their colourful pop that feels both calming and invigorating at the same time. Their unique and wonderfully infectious sound is sure to be a factor in their inevitable mainstream success.  

Listen to 'San Francisco' now, featured on the 3-track Broken Sleep EP, released on the 9th of November.

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