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Fresher Sounds - The best new music - 03/09/18


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This week's Fresher Sounds tracks range from afro-beat influenced to guilt-free Abba-inspired pop, championed shoegaze and a good-old dollop of punk. No genre is off-limits.

Cosmic Strip - Sugar Rush 

Menacingly dark shoegaze riffs complimented with a jarring, breathy vocal; Cosmic Strip’s ‘Sugar Rush’ is a swirling daydream. With striking resemblances being drawn to early Beach House offerings while emitting energy matching that of PJ Harvey and Cat Power, ‘Sugar Rush’ is evocative.

False Heads - Yellow

False Heads are the future of music, and their Iggy Pop-endorsed new single, ‘Yellow’ proves the statement wholly. A gigantic guitar solo; a rough-and-ready vocal performance screaming holy passion, and an insanely catchy couple of hooks. This band is speeding headfirst to cause havoc in the heavens and are already lined up to command the stadiums of the future.

Emma Blackery - Take Me Out

The usurper angling for the title of the princess of pop, Emma Blackery, is coming thick and fast into battle with her new track ‘Take Me Out’. The glistening feel-good single channels Lauren Mayberry-inspired (Chvrches) vocals sliced seamlessly across tropical-tinted, minimalist beats. Controlled verses and crazy choruses; Blackery’s ‘Take Me Out’ is the ultimate guilt-free night out warm-up. 


Rocky NTI - Follow You 

Splice The 1975 with electronica and afro-beat rhythms and we get a magnificent hybrid known only as Rocky NTI.  His debut single ‘Follow You’ is a smorgasbord of rich heritage, influence and own individual flair. Light, preppy and more importantly innovative, ‘Follow You’ carries the sheer adrenaline to crowd the dance floor while simultaneously soundtrack intimate first kisses in cars. 

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Body Move

A beautifully sporadic pit of bubbling, controlled mess; ‘Body Move’ is a serious contender for dance anthem of the year across the board. The six-minute ray of sunshine marks TEED’s definite return with pounding beats and blaring synths. Tied together with an infatuating demand to “move your body closer”, we couldn’t be more starstruck. 

Kikagaku Moyo - Dripping Sun

Dance recklessly and heedlessly across the rainbow and paint the sky with your tongue during the introduction to Kikagaku Moyo’s ‘Dripping Sun’. However, do not be fooled by the flamboyant opening, as this track mellows, twists and turns before you are sent off on a ravenous exploration of the world once more. 

Stretching just shy of eight minutes, ‘Dripping Sun’ is a colossal odyssey into the unknown world of Kikagaku Moyo.

The Coral - Reaching Out For A Friend 

Coated in a 70s psychedelic blanket, The Coral’s ‘Reaching Out For A Friend’ is acoustic guitar-driven and boasts intermittent, tinny cymbal clashes. We'd absolutely believe this track was plucked straight out of ABBA’s hidden artillery, given an indie-spruce and sent merrily on its way. Feel-good never sounded so warm.

Inge van Calker - River

Already a fully-fledged pop-star so premature into her musical career, Inge van Calker is ripe and roaring into action with her latest single ‘River’. The release is charged with van Calker’s attitude-riddled tone and marks her as an electronic-pop artist to keep an eye firmly fixed upon. No brilliance has been expensed on this dramatic, vocal-driven journey. 

Lady Bird - Boot Fillers

Possessing the quick-wit and lyricism of Mike Skinner while boasting a spiky sound similar to that of early Drenge and a subdued, more-playful Idles; three-piece Lady Bird has successfully released the jocular 'Boot Fillers'. Comedic lyrics with an underlying serious message pertaining to the turbulent trials of modern-day family life, Lady Bird have collided heavy, punk energy with teenage cheek.

An earworm best served live on stage; the attitude and personality of Lady Bird seep through stunningly.  

Hannah Wants - How Long (feat. Kate Loveridge) 

Transporting the gleaming, endless Ibizan summer directly into your living room, Hannah Wants once again exhibits her endless talents with latest prize ‘How Long’. Enlisting Kate Loveridge’s silky vocals to drive the track, ‘How Long’ is rich with emotion worth savouring.  The perfect soundtrack to spend the nights dancing in the twilight, ‘How Long’ is allowing us to hold onto those fleeting summer memories for just a moment more.

Dolores Haze - Play Hard, Fuck Hard, Love Hard 

Stockholm trio, Dolores Haze, have released their most intimate single to date ‘Play Hard, Fuck Hard, Love Hard’. A song perfectly poised to snugly fit straight into a David Lynch production, ‘Play Hard, Fuck Hard, Love Hard’ channels the frank honesty and the same captivating aura which Lana Del Rey has built her persona upon. These women make badass look unconventionally elegant with ease.

Ishani - Dark Angel

Breathing a merciless lease of life back into trip-hop, Ishani is successfully infecting hearts and polluting membranes with her latest cut ‘Dark Angel’. Penned in the wake of life being plagued by the suicides of her nearest and dearest, Ishani’s ‘Dark Angel’ is a bold yet eerie demand for awareness. It is swirling, it is captivating and more importantly, it crowns Ishani as the fallen angel of her chosen genre.

Ladytron - The Island

Ladytron is back in a big way, thanks to the storming new single ‘The Island’.

The track itself features a more-enhanced, powerful exhibition of what Ladytron do best. Blistering synths, euphoric, enticing vocals and an atmosphere of otherworldliness; ‘The Island’ is a staunch marker for what fans can expect to uncover in the wake of her return. It is good to be home. 

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