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10 Underrated Fleetwood Mac Songs


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From Rumours to Tusk, Mirage and more, we have found the top 10 underrated Fleetwood Mac tracks for your essential listening.

The American sweethearts with a reckless, exciting and troubled past; things have never been linear for Fleetwood Mac. They have formed, split, fired, relight flames and vanquished them repeatedly over their long and fruitful careers but, while their relationships might harbour cracks, their tracks shall live on forever. Below are the 10 most underrated tracks the band have ever produced. 

Caroline, Tango In The Night, (1987)

Despite Tango In The Night being Mick Fleetwood’s “worst recording experience”, the album has spawned some mega hits; such as ‘Everywhere’ from ~ that ~ advert with the pony, ‘Little Lies’ and the ridiculously underrated ‘Caroline’. Simple yet effective with a tropical tinge; ‘Caroline’ is the ultimate ear-worm. Mark your bingo cards, we are onto a winner.

Book Of Love, Mirage, (1982)

A stadium-sized anthem which has you begging to know ‘right, what is the ‘Book Of Love’ and how can we get our mitts on it?’.  Perfect harmonies, a stunning lead vocal and a sublime crescendo, we are marking this as the definitive best track on Mirage.  Our opinion might not be fact, but it should be.

Sisters Of The Moon, Tusk, (1979)

An ethereal Nicks vocal, a killer electric guitar solo and an atmosphere of mystery; could ‘Sisters Of The Moon’ be the most underrated Fleetwood Mac track of the lot? Bathe in the beauty of this stellar composition and do not let it slip through your net for any longer.  You were warned.

 Woman Of 1000 Years, Future Games, (1971)

Written by Danny Kirwan, ‘Woman Of 1000 Years’ is soft, rhythmic and somewhat sensual.  It does not carry the same power, pizzaz or energy that Fleetwood Mac’s later material does, but this 1971 slow-burner is sacredly sweet. 

The Second Time, Behind The Mask, (1990)

‘The Second Time’ was written by Billy Burnette and Rick Vito; artists drafted in to replace the gaping hold Lindsay Buckingham left in the band, after his 1987 departure.  The track sees Nicks laying down a thick vocal accompanied by a spindly, delicate acoustic guitar; producing this heartfelt lullaby.  Behind The Mask gets a bad reputation, but ‘The Second Time’ makes the album worth every moment.

 Welcome To The Room… Sara, Tango In The Night (1987)

It took ‘Sara’ (thought to be Stevie Nicks’ alter-ego) eight years, two live records and a studio album to make an official reappearance in a song title.  The second outing of ‘Sara’ (the first being featured on 1979’s Tusk) was written shortly after a Nicks rehab stint, and features obscure yet indulgent lyrics from the goddess herself.

Empire State, Mirage, (1982)

“If I can make it there… I can make it anywhere” was a lyric featured on ‘Empire State’ regarding Buckingham’s desire to quit the drug-fulled disaster train, known as Fleetwood Mac, and set-up shop in New York.  A track addressing themes of escapism, success and hopelessness ‘Empire State’ is as honestly as raw as Fleetwood Mac get.

Running Through The Garden, Say You Will, (2003)

Despite not being penned during the bands ‘golden era’ Say You Will features some of the collective’s most progressive tracks to date.  One of the often-overlooked numbers, ‘Running Through The Garden’ is an instant sing-along, matching the likes of their super-hits with the same energy, professionalism and producing that gooey ‘I-love-Fleetwood-Mac’ feeling we all adore.

Wish You Were Here, Mirage, (1982)

Released as a single in April 1983, the Christine McVie lead vocal and hillbilly-rock tinged guitar makes ‘Wish You Were Here’ an underrated classic.  The track was ahead of its time and,’The Very Best Of Fleetwood Mac tracklisters? it deserved a place on that compilation!  McVie was robbed.  

Never Going Back Again, Rumours, (1977)

Being sandwiched between ‘Dreams’ and ‘Don’t Stop’ on a tracklist is a hard fret, but ‘Never Going Back Again’ still defies odds as being one of Rumours’ hidden gems.  Played solely on the acoustic guitar using the Travis plucking technique, the heartbreaking track is utterly gorgeous… It is just a shame it took Buckingham/Nicks breaking-up in order for it to be crafted.

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