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Hear This: Desert Clouds - 'Under Tons'


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Utilizing the sultry tones of blues and the guttural guitar hooks of grunge, Desert Clouds are a hard band to pinpoint.

Formed in 2008 by lead vocalist/guitarist David Land and guitarist/backing vocalist Val Wallace in London, Desert Clouds explore the uncertainness of life in a track that takes a completely different direction than what you originally believe.

Blues-infused chords and sultry vocals flow in the verses, which slowly begin to morph into a burgeoning rock sound with a Cobain-esque whine in the choruses which then fall back again.  A strong melody and a tight production go a long way, and ‘Under Ton’ certainly relishes within. It’s hard to distinguish where the song is headed or what you’re supposed to feel, which beautifully personifies the subject the song is exploring — the uncertainty of life.

You can listen to ‘Under Tons’ below.

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