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Hear This: Uma E. Fernqvist - For U


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Uma E. Fernqvist is new to the music scene but she is no novice when it comes to creating art full of entrancing expression. 

Moving from the world of theatre, renowned dancer Uma has just released her debut EP Reverse. The EP itself immediately displays an evident talent for dynamic rhythm and instrumental arrangement.

Whilst all four of the tracks are stunningly crafted, ‘For U’ takes top place as an intimate, melancholic and yet haunting track. It begins with isolated piano chords that have the potential to go on to be a variety of different songs. However, Uma stays true to her self-professed inspirations by gradually introducing ethereal, entrancing vocals reminiscent of Portishead. The beats provide increasing layers to the song until the dance-like climax where they successively fade out. 

The best part is decidedly the crackly radio style sample that gives the entire track a vintage feel. This sample returns for the gradual delayering of the track, providing a conclusion, as it disappears into the glistening atmosphere. 

You don’t hear of many eight-minute songs nowadays but Uma’s immersive track will have you forgetting the time and sinking into a world of blissful instrumentation and pulsing percussion.

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