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Hear This: Elle Exxe - Queen


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Thursday's International Women’s Day is a designated timeframe to celebrate, empower, invest and campaign for equality for all women across our globe.

Scotland’s rising pop-star, Elle Exxe and her carefully-crafted new single ‘Queen’ is just one of the voices lending itself to the bigger picture.

Fashioned before the Me Too and Times Up movements were rightfully established in the limelight, Elle Exxe joined forces with the talented Katie Tavini (Twisted Well and The Charlatans) and Olga Fitzroy (Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Laura Marling) to man the production, mixing and mastering of this commanding single.

The outcome is a track that musically misses the mark ever-so-slightly but holds passionate ideas and brazen-faced lyrics at its core.

Upon first superficial scrutiny, the auto-tuned heaven of ‘Queen’ is somewhat laborious to listen to, with the synths and tinny voice enhancements being ever-so abrasive. The effect of this is that crucial energy is stolen away from deciphering the deeper meaning of this feminist anthem and is channelled instead into swallowing this exploration of the electronic genre.

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel - ‘Queen’ is a labour of love. Turning a blind eye against the initial intensity will allow you to immerse yourself in the shining positivity and key feminist ideals Elle Exxe investigates.

Dainty piano chords are played while our protagonist rhetorically questions “don’t you wanna build a legacy?" before launching into her mantra, “I will be the queen of my own destiny.” Elle Exxe is not allowing anybody to stand in her way of chasing glory and finding her own path in life. She urges those with an ambition to stand and fight against the odds, to create that space and life they so much desire.

The positivity that this ever-growing pop star emits from ‘Queen’ is outstanding. The ultimate inspiring lyrics and sheer warmth of helping every woman achieve their goals are truly iconic. Elle Exxe, take a bow.

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