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Fresher Sounds – This week's best new music - 20/11/2017


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In the aftermath of Taylor Swift’s record-smashing album release, it feels like we all need to hit refresh and cleanse our musical palettes.

So many high profile bands are releasing music that it’s hard to separate the wheat from the chaff, and especially hard to find music from bands as yet undiscovered by your spotify algorithm.

So pop some earbuds in, lean back in your chair and take a listen to the following... you might just find your new favourite song.

Photo credit: Dan Kendall

Cruel World - Seeb x Skip Marley

Seeb may be most recognisable as the production trio who invigorated Mike Posner’s 2016 single ‘I Took a Pill in Ibiza’, sending it to the top of the charts after languishing at #23 in its original folk-pop format. Their latest single, a collaboration with Skip Marley, is as triumphantly bittersweet as the Posner remix, with lyrics talking of how we live in a “cruel, cruel world” where you can’t achieve the greatness you were promised, all the while underscored with an upbeat, electro-pop rhythm.

Sick Of Me - Table Scraps

Boasting a garage rock sound and bouncy tempo, the Birmingham-based band's sound makes a pleasant change from the dirge-pop filling the charts. Band member Scott Vincent Abbott says of the song: 'Sick of Me’ is about when friendships stagnate and minor annoyance gives way to mouldering resentment... It’s dedicated to everyone just about keeping a lid on telling that one person how you really feel and cutting them loose.”

Wished - Sorry

Blending together layers of twangy guitars and rhythms with crooning vocals, this song exudes a sexy smokiness. The fact that this single, along with a B-side called ‘Lies’, will be available on vinyl seems very fitting, as ‘Wished’ feels as if it’s been pulled through time into the modern day, in all the best ways.

A Different Person - Go Primitive

Channelling the glam-rock aesthetic of The Darkness, Go Primitive’s latest single features wailing guitar and lyrics whose emotion mirrors the song’s power. The band state that ‘A Different Person’ is about someone showing their unfavourable true colours, shattering the belief of the kind of person you thought they were”, with lyrics like “now I see the light / I can’t believe that I could be so blind”.

Lost In My Boots - KWAYE

The smooth lilting of KWAYE makes for an extremely satisfying listening experience, hitting all the sweet spots necessary for perfection. The lyrics themselves beautifully explore two parallel experiences, describing both the strength it takes to keep going a troubled relationship and (in the musician’s own words) “the African American experience, better days that have been promised and broken throughout history, plus the strength and excellence in spite of these adversities.”


Higher - Emeli Sandé & Giggs

Upon first listen of this song, you might not recognise ‘Next to Me’ vocalist Emeli Sandé, proving how wide her stylistic range can be. Teaming up with London-based rapper Giggs, Sandé has created a slow-burning RnB jam which feels miles away from the song that broke her into the mainstream.

Circumstance - Dawson Reeve

With a minimal, stripped down sound, ‘Circumstance’ allows Dawson Reeve’s intimate vocal delivery to truly shine. With a background in busking and as a loop artist it would be interesting to hear how this transfers to a live set, so it’s definitely worth keeping an eye out on his touring schedule.

Sure - Hatchie

The dreamlike soundscape of ‘Sure’ apparently matches the singer’s composition process, with an aim of soundtracking her daydreams. Layers of sound build into a blurred vision of reality, with guitar, drums and synths being discernable from the resulting jumble. Hatchie’s vocals blend into the music rather than being raised above it, only adding to this ethereal melody.

Mysterious - Tigertown ft. LPX

Though it stays firmly within Tigertown’s indie-pop sound, the band’s latest single ‘Mysterious’ seems a bit different. It feels a little less polished, a bit more home-grown, which is a welcome change in a genre full of the shiny pop anthems. It sounds like the sort of thing you’d play around a campfire, and the result is delightful.

Mens alle andre sover - No. 4

Though the instrumentation of this track is wonderfully balanced, the real standout is the group’s vocals, which rise and fall to crescendos of noise in each chorus. The Norwegian trio compliment each other’s voices masterfully, and though I have no idea what they’re singing about I could keep listening to them for hours.

Silent Side - The Staves & yMusic

These acts feel as if they were destined to collaborate - with The Staves’ gorgeous harmonies and yMusic’s understated folk stylings working wonderfully together. Given that their new album The Way is Read (to be released on November 24th) has also been created in collaboration between the two bands, there’s a lot of great music to look forward to in the coming weeks.

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