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High Tyde's Ultimate Tour Bus Playlist


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Naturally, being in a band means playing a lot of shows - usually with long drives, early pick ups and late drop offs. 

High Tyde know a lot about that. Only just this week, the indie band have announced a ten date tour where they'll be travelling the length and breadth of the country, playing explosive shows in some of the UK's coolest venues.

The drives between cities aren't that bad - Manchester to Liverpool in one day? That's easy. But they'll be needing a few good tunes to get them through the drive between Brighton and Bristol.

Luckily, they've got a pretty good playlist together to do just that. Below, High Tyde clue us into their favourite tracks to kick back and relax to while they watch the world go by between cities. For us normal folk, it's pretty good for a road trip, too.

The next time you're heading out onto a long stretch of road, pop on this playlist and chill out.

Well, unless you're the one driving, of course.

Brianstorm - Arctic Monkeys

"It's loud, thrashy and got heaps of attitude to cure the boredom along the M1. Definitely one of the best album intros of all time, no fucking about."

Has It Come To This? - The Streets

"We're fans of garage music on nights out for sure. Who isn't? But it's also a definite at the top of the driving playlist. The percussion in this song is wicked, really progressive and almost calming. It's a cult classic, not bestseller."

In Da Club - 50 Cent 

"Just because. I mean, it's the best way to pull up to a venue haha. One of my favourite hip hop tracks, a guilty pleasure almost."

Blue Boy - Remember Me

"We listen to this when travelling anywhere; eight minutes of pure satisfaction within music. 'Walk like a boss' kinda shit."

Insomnia - Faithless

"It makes us so pumped for shows! Gets the whole crew vibing and ready for the day. Insomnia and the open road is bliss."

On The Corner - Solardo

"If you don't know, get to know. Our mate Jack showed us this track and haven't stopped listening since. It's great for the pre show, for parties, and insane for late night driving."

Hate To Say I Told You So - The Hives

"I saw the hives back in 2012 at Reading and have been hooked ever since. This track is a sing along indie rock banger that should be on everyone's driving playlist, If it's not already."

Right Here, Right Now - Fatboy Slim

"Love the samples in this track, and arguably one of the best euphoric drops in dance music."

Pain - War on Drugs

"A recent love for High Tyde. Great for when everyone's feeling a big fragile from the night before and we need to chill. Such a beautiful song."

D'You Know What I Mean - Oasis

"Forget everything I said. I think this may be the best song to drive to. Makes you feel like an absolute boss when gliding through the hills. Creates a wind in the hair moment."

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