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Fresher Sounds - This week's best new music - 18/10/17


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It's been a strange week!

A storm named after a Shakespearean character bathed much of the UK in an apocalytic orange glow, like the new Blade Runner movie had escaped the screen into reality, or someone had turned on a permanent Instagram filter.

What does any of this mean? Probably nothing! At least if the end is nigh, there's a load more great new tunes to stick on your playlists - you're welcome. 

Turbowolf – The Free Life

Turbowolf’s gritty guitar riffs will make you feel like you’re on a mission – or, as the riffs become faster and faster, you’ll feel as though you are running away from something. Fitting too, as the title is called ‘The Free Life’, it’s guaranteed to give you a breath of fresh air. With the lyrics “Time is ticking”, it’s a song that’ll channel your adrenaline.

Catherine McGrath – Talk of This Town

Catherine McGrath immediately draws parallels with Taylor Swift for her pop-tinged country music. ‘Talk of this Town’ relishes independence and the ability to not care what others think. McGrath is one to watch as the country genre moves further into the pop mainstream.

The Old Pink House – Neck Deep

Five seconds in you'll know this is one of those songs to shut the world off to. Pushing the melody driven rock of bands like You Me At Six and Kids in Glass Houses, The Old Pink House take it all further in the direction of 80s pop. The result is catchy and hard not to love.

Awolnation – Passion

Opening with a powerful acapella, 'Passion' soon explodes into electro-rock brilliance. With an hypnotic, kinetic rhythm the song kicks into a big rock chorus. And with the whispering in the song, it’ll creep you out, but you won’t stop listening, because it is a bop.

Blitzen Trapper – Wild and Reckless

By the name of the band, you wouldn’t expect them to release a country single – that’s what’s so brilliant about them. It’s a song you will notice it has a dystopian feel to it, it’s all up to your imagination.

Louise Lemón – Malex

Swedish singer Louise Lemón is not afraid to follow the footsteps of Lana Del Rey and Lorde. The vibe of 'Malex' will make you feel as though you should be watching the rain fall outside the window, pining after a loved one you have lost. However it’s quite the opposite, Lemón is singing about making new choices, “We’ll never ever meet again”, she sends the message of closing the door on negative situations, and moving on.

Carmody – Like That

“I want to go where lovers go” – Carmody immediately sets the scene. Her amazing vocals and simple beat accompanies the simple question, “Can you love me like that? I always need you like that”. Carmody reveals ‘Like That’ is about wanting to remain infatuated with someone, and maintain it. If you need some escapism, this is perfect.

Will Joseph Cook – If You Want to Make Money

There’s no doubt you would’ve recognised the name somewhere. Will Joseph Cook is very up-and-coming at the moment, and if you haven’t heard him before, you’ll want to listen to this track. He reminds me of a male version of Charli XCX: it’s extremely catchy, has a sunny element to it, and will be impossible for you to not tap your foot to!

PILLARS – Honest People

The marimba sounds at the beginning immediately give off The xx vibe. A slow beat and the sound of clapping along with the range of harmonies this song offers, it’s a very stripped down, authentic song, which reflects the single – divine.

Demob Happy – Be Your Man

The Brighton three-piece band sound like a band you’ve been looking for all this time. The heavy guitars and drum solos are very similar to Royal Blood and Queens of the Stone Age, if Demob Happy continue to make brilliant songs like this, they will do extremely well. The guitar solo is to die for.

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