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Fresher Sounds - This week's best new music - 02/10/17


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Surprise - it's October. We're not going to bore you with the cliche 'where has the year gone?' comment.

I mean, it's sort of uncomfortable, isn't it? The nights are getting darker in the middle of the evening, if you leave the house in the morning with a coat you're cradling it in your arms by lunchtime, and the Christmas adverts have started even though we haven't hit Halloween. 

Whether you're wishing it was still festival season, or you're enjoying the chillier nights, this playlist starts with a tropical Summery tune and ends with some late night pop best listened to at 3am... so no matter what your favourite season - something for you was released this last week.

Take a listen.

George Kwali - When It Breaks (ft. Lonestate)

An addictive blend of house and drum and bass production, George Kwali's 'When It Breaks' featuring vocal from Lonestate is the perfect track to play if you're wanting to inject some Summer vibes into the colder months.

MY - Skeletons

There seems to be a never ending stream of incredible talent coming from Sweden, and MY is no exception. NME referred to her as a Swedish Hayley Williams, and her vocal on single 'Skeletons' certainly backs up this claim. MY adds her own punky edge to perfect glossy pop.

PLAZA - Speak It

How could this track be described as anything other than a 'banger'? Hartlepool's PLAZA release 'Speak It' today, an explosive guitar tune with the most athemic chorus the boys have produced so far. Catchy and angry but with laid back vocal, expect to have this song in your head for days. 

The Fluids - Sign N' Drive

Post-punk trio The Fluids share 'Sign N' Drive', the second single from their upcoming debut. Exuding no-wave 70s vibes, the band have already been compared to Talking Heads and Berlin-era Bowie. Check them out for yourself.

High Tyde - Young Offenders

Young but not really offensive, High Tyde's 'Young Offenders' explores what its like to be a millennial in a world where every media outlet endeavours to criticise them in an attempt to break the stereotype. "We are the future" sings frontman Cody against an eruption of noisy guitar and quick drum beats. Is this the next millennial anthem?

Jake Alder & Charlotte Turnbull - Think Back

Electronic producer Jake Alder dabbles into the world of alt-RnB with Charlotte Turnbull on their collaborative track 'Think Back'. His forte is evident in the track with electronic vibes still running through its seams; Charlotte's stunning, soulful vocal complements the piece's R&B feel perfectly.

Bully - Kills to be Resistant

Despite their name, and even the title of the song, Bully posess a lot of emotion. This track in particular describes the turmoil of unrequited love, taken from their upcoming album Losing

GULP - Morning Velvet Sky

Super Furry Animal's Guto Pryce teams up with Lindsey Leven to form Gulp, whose glittering single Morning Velvet Sky is an otherworldly, synthy piece of psychedelic pop. The band say they want the listener to feel like they're waking up on a warm dewy morning with an appreciation for the beauty in nature, and this song certainly sounds like sun.

Grandbrothers - Open

Dusseldorf duo Grandbrothers are made up of Sarp, a pianist, and Vogel, an engineer. Their instrumental track 'Open' is a glistening, uplifting piece made entirely on a piano. That's right - every sound in this song comes from a piano. While Sarp skillfully plays piano, it is Vogel's talent in manipulating the sounds with homemade software and mechanics that twists and turns every note into something new.

CC Honeymoon - Part Time View

'Part Time View' is the debut, self released single from CC Honeymoon, whose music is described as the lovechild of The Weeknd and John Maus. The track creates that sort of image reminiscent of that reflection in the window neon lights set against the city. It's exciting to see what could come next from CC Honeymoon's brand of late night pop.

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