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Hear This: Gulf - Talk


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The symbiotic Liverpool duo Femi Fadero and Mark Jones have been collaborating for over six years now.

The group has been compared to Tears For Fears and the legendary Chic. However, the reason Gulf certainly stands out from most modern funk and indie sounds is that they don’t seek attention. Their music feels light and personal as if it was made more for themselves than for an audience.

Their newly released single 'Talk' is a perfect example of their work and signature sound. Although Gulf has been defined as funk-infused dance pop, this piece is a rather melancholic combination of classical 80s gated reverb snare in the synthesized soundscape and floating above, translucent psychedelic vocals. The lyrics resemble a sleepwalker’s gentle monologue, making the otherwise relatively up-tempo single more ephemeral and soft.

The single Talk is just a sample of a what is yet to come in Gulf’s EP Polyphony, due to be released on the 28th of August.

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