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Fresher Sounds - This week’s best new music - 31/07/17


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A good Summer playlist is essential for this tough time in a student’s life... with nothing to do but relax and take in the scenery.

In case you’ve missed these releases, here are some of the best new tracks from the past week to soundtrack your Summer holiday.

Imitating Aeroplanes - Hourglass

Light and airy with an electric beat, this indie track is perfect for roadtripping in hazy summer afternoons. But it is also a pretty big deal, being the first song to come from the collaboration between Tord Øverland Knudsen (The Wombats) and Marius Drogsås Hagen (Team Me). With their combined output of five albums, a Norwegian Grammy Award and multiple NME / MTV Award nominations, good things are sure to be on the horizon for this duo.

Jason Nolan - Don King

A many-layered cacophony of sounds, ‘Don King’ positively vibrates with energy. It’s the latest single from Jason Nolan, whose debut EP Wonder Years was released last year, and he continues to impress with this latest release. The electro track is an irresistible dance anthem which exudes confidence at its abilities, and rightly so.

Club Drive - International

With crooning vocals like Panic! at the Disco frontman Brendan Urie and guitarwork unlike most top 40 pop, this song is a must-listen for the Summer season. If you need to inject some dynamism into your Spotify queue, then give Club Drive's 'International' a try.

Yes Lad - Something More

For a track more in-line with current pop trends check out Yes Lad’s smooth ballad ‘Something More’, which reverberates with bhangra beats and house-style production. With an infectious hook and melody, this song seems ready to crest into the charts.

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - When I Dance With You

The Pains’ idealistic indie-pop charms the listener with its quirky riffs and bopping beats. ‘When I Dance With You’ is the second single from their fifth album, meaning that there is lots of material to discover from their backlog if this tune peaks your interest.

Högni - Komdu Með

For something altogether more out-there, check out this avant-garde indie track from Iceland. Featuring the voices of a men’s chorus and shuddering beats that mimic the industrial roots of the album (Two Trains), this single mesmerises.

Ethan Gruska - Reoccurring Dream

According to the L.A. Times, Ethan Gruska might just be “L.A.’s Next Great Singer Songwriter”. Considering his aptly dream-like vocals and beautiful instrumentation, along with heartfelt lyrics that add layers of depth, this might just be the case.

Stephen McLaren - I Sing to You

The upbeat piano work and echoing vocals on this track do a good job at evoking the nostalgia that McLaren was aiming for with his album, We Used To Go Raving. Somehow, McLaren has mixed an old-school power pop anthems with an otherworldly indie ballad and come out the other side with a wistful song that’s a pleasure to listen to.

Superfood - Unstoppable

Sampling the late Prince Buster, ‘Unstoppable’ launches into gear with an inescapable force. Its catchy beats and overlapping instruments provide the song with a rhythmic musicality, owing its intricacy to the years that the band spent working on their upcoming second album, Bambino.

Prism Tats – Used To Be Cool

‘Used To Be Cool’, is the latest single to be released from South African-born singer Garett van der Spek’s new EP 11:11. According to van der Spek, the song is “loosely inspired by ‘Let's Dance’ era Bowie”, and its lyrics describe “growing bored of listening to the egomaniac recount their glory days, back when they were young and high”. Definitely one to add to your summer rotation.

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