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Fresher Sounds - The best new music - 15/05/17


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PlgrmsMay kinda sucks, doesn't it? Exams and deadlines are all you can see, everyone needs lifting with some exciting summer tunes. 

Suffocating in stress anything that can offer a glimpse of the summer, whether its festivals, holidays, internships or just lazy days in bed, is more than welcome.

Just put your laptop to the side and imagine you’re free for a second. 

M.I.L.K. – When You Feel Good 

Copenhagen based, M.I.L.K. aka Emil Wilk, has just released the tropical, dreamy alt-pop track 'When You Feel Good', a positive breath of fresh air that picks you up off your feet, leaving you floating in tranquillity. M.I.L.K.’s songs derive from a something visual, a mood board, a mental scene before it becomes audio. 

OUTLYA – Heaven 

'Heaven' has an element of Bastille in the anthemic vocals that crosses the line between alternative indie belters and catchy pop songs. With the influence of Weezer and Taylor Swift, Outlya created a magical love song about escape; 'Heaven' is the kind of song you would put on your ‘indie summer’ playlists and sing along to the chorus with your best buds and a fruity cider in hand. 

Slydigs – How Animal Are You 

Following a world tour with The Who, it’s safe to say Slydigs have learnt a thing or two about how to communicate and create some great rock songs, dropping what could possibly be the festival anthem of 2017 with 'How Animal Are You'. This track shows all the elements of a classic rock song, with grittiness and honest lyrics about the dregs of working life. 

Madden – Echo 

Featuring the bright pop vocals of Chris Holsten, Norwegian musican/songwriter, Madden, has released an inevitable energetic summer banger. 'Echo' is just one of those tracks that would be played in a club, ‘after hours’ tents at festivals when everyone is not quite ready to sleep yet. 

PLGRMS – Dream You Up 

'Dream You Up' is the latest release by Sydney based duo, PLGRMS. Approaching with a darker side to their energetic indie electro-pop, this track has silky smooth vocals that encourage your eyes to close and your body to fill up with good vibes. Ideal music for relaxing on a hot day, letting yourself be taken over by such energies. 

Alt-J – In Cold Blood 

Narrated by Iggy Pop, Alt-J’s new video for 'In Cold Blood' is gruesome yet intriguing. This track has a weirdly feel-good vibe to it, it’s big, dramatic and unavoidable; with lyrics such as, ‘pool, summer, summer, pool, pool summer, kiss me’, Alt-J’s upcoming third album, Relaxer (out 2nd June), is definitely going to be one for those summer days. 

GENTS – I Wanna Be Free 

This Danish Duo combine the elements of emotion, electro and feel-good vibes on their new track of 'I Wanna Be Free'. The music video is a captivating collage throwing you into a variety of different situations and overseeing a multitude of characters to associate with.

Com Truise – Isostasy 

'Isostasy' is a new track from Com Truise’s upcoming album, IterationThis song has a particular spacious feel to it, it’s a brilliant one to add to your weekend wind-down playlist, after all, everyone needs something lyric-less to relax to for a change.  

Hannah Grace – Praise You 

This track is probably already familiar, being on the Lloyds TV advert, but this rework of the Fatboy Slim’s ‘Praise You’ is incredibly compelling and gives off such an uplifting, heart-warming vibe it’s difficult to not sing as though you’re the next Queen of the Charts.

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