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Fresher Sounds – The best new music - 05/05/2017


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As deadlines, exams and coursework begin to pile up, we all need a break every now and then.

Whether you want to find some new music in the hour you've given yourself off, or treat yourself to a fresh new study playlist, this week's new music is an assortment of chilled out tracks to de-stress and unwind with.

FLING – Lookin’ Outta My Window

These Bradford guys have created the perfect song to listen to on a lazy day, where chilling out and staying in is the only attractive activity. Mixed with a glam rock and a catchy melody, FLING are going to fling themselves far. 

Jade Jackson – Gilded

Country rock is not always everyone’s cup of tea – but after listening to Jade Jackson's soft, sultry vocals and alt-rock guitar, there's room for growth. Her singing is similar to Florence Welch; delicate at times but with a fantastic range. The country to rock ratio feels perfect; the track oozes that 'cool girl' vibe. ‘Good Time Gone’ portrays the message of a crashed out romance.

The Last Dinosaur - Atoms

With guitar you could almost swim in, ‘Atoms’ is a calming, emotional and uplifting song that has the power to move you, but has a sense of refreshment to it. Based on one of the musicians’ friends passing away in a tragic event, The Last Dinosaur pair turn the fear of death, grief and the illness of depression into a celebration of moving on and embracing what scares you.

Hebe – Tell Me

Amsterdam-based singer/songwriter, Hebe’s soulful-pop ‘Tell Me’ is the ultimate song to relax and do work to. Sounding similar to artists such as Maggie Rogers, Hebe’s vocals are surprisingly catchy.

Emily Magpie – The Witching Hour

After reading a book about the witch trials, Emily Magpie was so inspired she wrote a song about the power of feminine energy. Accompanied by a slow beat and glistening guitar and echoing voices, Magpie gives off an eerie and powerful message of claiming your own power deep within.

Siobhan Wilson – Whatever Helps

From the very beginning of this song, it sounds as though it could’ve made it on the soundtrack for ’13 Reasons Why’. ‘Whatever Helps’ is a track that evokes fighting back grief and depression - finding a way to pick yourself back up. This song is especially perfect if you need a break from revision/assignments and just want to walk away for a bit.

Anna’s Anchor – You Are a Lighthouse

Irish emo-indie act, Anna’s Anchor remind us that it’s ok to still love an aggressive straight-up punk song from time to time. ‘You Are a Lighthouse’ has the tone that matches the likes of bands such as Kids In Glasshouses and You Me At Six.

AyOwA – Fri

Danish duo AyOwA’s new single ‘Fri’ are the ultimate summer vibes. From the genre of electronic dream-pop, the mellow and universal ambience combined with the Danish lyrics, it’s the perfect song to chill out to with friends.

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