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Fresher Sounds - The best new music - 04/05/17


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Another week closer to Summer means the tropical tunes are releasing thick and fast.

Exams are looming and tensions may be rising along with the temperature, so take a step back from revision and relax with the best of this week's new music.

Tom Walker - Blessings

Tom Walker counts his blessings on his newest track, the lead single from his upcoming EP. ‘Blessings’ is a chilled out track with a rock edge, aided by the husk and roughness of his vocals. Artists like Max Milner instantly come to mind when listening to this song, but Tom holds his own through a strong voice and confident lyricism. 

Holy Oak - Isabelle

Gentle folk song ‘Isabelle’ by Holy Oak is the kind of music you want to listen to as it rains. It’s sad and it’s delicate but beautiful, the vibrato backing vocal adds a special edge. Speaking on its origins, lead singer Neil Holyoak says “I wrote most of this song while I was driving a boat by myself on the ocean. I thought, “if I disappear now, no one will ever find me.” Instead of fear I felt immeasurably grateful for everyone who has meant so much to me.”

TOFFE - Painting Pictures

Sweden has a knack for producing great pop artists, and TOFFE is no exception. ‘Painting Pictures’ is an amalgamation of layers of synth, pop hooks, up-beat melodies, electronic and organic sounds. He writes and produces all his material himself, and takes a step away from Sweden’s traditional minimal style when it comes to music - this song is an explosion of summery beats.

Happyness - Through Windows

‘Through Windows’ is a melancholy pop tune, with Beatles-esque sound in its production. Layering a grungey feel over the top of the track accompanied by a conceptual video that sees the band stepping into a microwave, Happyness are a band bound to capture the hearts of millennial indie fans.

Son Lux - Stolen

Politically charged Son Lux state that they create songs about ‘what it means to live, to create and to resist in America today’. Pleading lyrics leading up to huge crashes show pleading for a better world. A fitting track for these times.

Art Feynman - Feeling Good About Feeling Good

The seven minute track from Art Feynman feels good and is about feeling good about feeling good. It’s uplifting; through the whole song it emits a feeling of ecstasy amidst some psychedelic effect and cheery guitar riffs. It’s a song to help you appreciate the good days and also lift you from the bad.

Croox - Loyal

Electronic R&B track ‘Loyal’ by Croox is the ultimate new chill-out tune. Instantly its easy to compare the quartet to the likes of James Blake or The Weeknd, but Croox give a much more soulful feel to their music with glistening voice and perfectly smooth edges.

Skinny Days ft. Emilie Adams - The One That Got Away

Norwegian electronic duo Skinny Days have released trop-pop ‘The One That Got Away’ featuring soaring vocals from Emilie Adams. Mixing melancholy and feel-good into one dance tune, likened by the band to “going to a party with a broken heart and then finding the love of your life at 2:30am.”

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