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Fresher Sounds – The best new music – 26/04/2017


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I am going to be honest – I think I hate the world right now! Just look at the state of it…

Even festivals have become a condition of our collective narcissism – did any music actually happen at Coachella are was it just a desert fashion parade for some #celebs finessing their festival looks?

Anyone who has the time to get dolled up at a music festival is doing it wrong. Anyone who is only famous because they get photographer wearing things, in places are as much to blame for the collapse as our world as anyone.

Or you know, forget about it! None of it actually matters, what’s-their-face, wearing that thing in that place, won’t matter tomorrow, some of the music will – let’s find solace in that.

Rants aside, hear some musical nuggets from the last week or so to help to distract yourself from the horror of it all…

Charlotte Bendiks - Kaia 

The Cómeme label just keeps dropping the hot, but twisted dancefloor rhythms and ‘Kaia’ from Tromso, Norway’s Charlotte Bendiks is no different. A slice of kinetic techno it is fuelled by mystical experiences of lost souls, insomnia, Aurora Borealis frenzy and the isolation of her home. It’s still a great dance record matching the weirdness with an addictive beat.

Nikhil D-Souza – Still In Love

Singer-songwriter Nikhil D-Souza has dropped an early taster from his debut album due early in 2018 in the form of ‘Still In Love’, an emotional slice of acoustic songwriting. D-Souza delivers a maelstrom of emotions through this simplest of musical formats and hints at the gems still to come.

Brooke Bentham – I Need Your Body

If you were as enamoured with Angel Olsen’s album last year as I was, Brooke Bentham’s forthcoming debut album holds infinite promise. ‘I Need Your Body’ is an epic slice of alt-rock, tinged with Americana. The personal and direct lyricism is elevated by her emotional vocal depths. On the strengths of this Bentham could well be sitting on a body of future classics.

Psymon Spine – Yoana

The best music straddles many genres, and experimental pop mob Psymon Spine do this effortlessly. Take new cut ‘Yoana’ with its deep, funky post-punk bass, African rhythms, house beats and techno synths to see this band are onto something special. This should get you excited for new album You Are Coming To My Birthday out on 9th June – if not what’s wrong with you?

Abra Cadabra ft. Sneakbo - My Hood

Tottenham native Abra Cadabra could well be the next grime breakthrough artist. He’s already bagged a MOBO, gained tens of millions of Youtube views and been enlisted by Adidas for a nationwide campaign, so he has the buzz behind him. With its atmospheric production and Abra’s solid bars ‘My Hood’ is a mainstream hit waiting to happen.

Cadillac White – Paint the Walls

The identity of new artist Cadillac White is being kept closely under wraps, so there is not a great deal of info about them/him/her. But ‘Paint the Walls’ is a captivating slice of future RnB that with a future echoed sound of affected vocals, clattering beats and fractured synths. One to watch out for as more emerges.

Föllakzoid & J. Spaceman – Electric

Chilean psych adventurers Föllakzoid and Spacemen 3/Spiritualized legend Jason Pierce aka J. Spaceman are obvious kindred spirits and you’d expect stunning results from any collab. They recently joined forces for new, live-to-tape renditions of tracks from Föllakzoid's III album. With Spaceman in tow the tunes have a new space to breath and a new edge. ‘Electric’ is a kinetic, strange kosmiche music cut as danceable as it is deep. Bathe in the psychedelic wonder.

Frida Sundemo – It’s OK

Swedish songstress Frida Sundemo has given the world her new single ‘It’s OK’ and, frankly, it’s better than that! Her glacial vocals dance among euphoric synths and icey strings on this bittersweet ballad – it’s emotional stuff.

Peaness - Same Place

Peaness are a bloody fun, indie-pop trio who make great slices of DIY pop. ‘Same Place’ is another one of those. ENJOY!

Mozart’s Sister – Bump

This is fricking weird. It might soundtrack a dream induced by a sugar overdose and a ton of LSD after attending a Grimes concert. ‘Bump’ is kinda wrong, but sounds so right. It’s awesome but              I am not sure why – and what’s not to love about that?

Dauwd – Lietmotiv

Now on the Technicolour imprint Dauwd continues his journey of genre-bending techno exploration with ‘Lietmotiv’ a deep, relaxing cut perfect to immerse yourself in in the middle of the night.

PLGRMS – Dream You Up

Australian duo PLGRMS are fast developing a reputation for crafting innovative, exciting electronic-pop and ‘Dream You Up’ will do nothing to soften this. A surging, uplifting number built on clapped beats and floating vocals it is a great tune for any number of moods.

Shaking Chains – Drunk No More

As a combination of drunken pub philosophy, the more joyous moments from Talking Heads and the metronomic sound of Neu! ‘Drunk No More’ is a fairly unique offering from Manchester’s Shaking Chains. ‘Drunk No More’ is the last stage in a 12-step programme – delve into this tune and rid yourself of your own demons.

Le Galaxie – Pleasure

‘Pleasure’ from La Galaxie’s forthcoming third album is a continuance of their top dance-pop form as they distil their trademark grooves, synth and bass into another house-influenced pop banger.

Tashaki Miyaki -  Out Of My Head

Los Angeles-based duo Tashaki Miyaki craft dream-pop in the classic sense taking their ques from the likes of Mazzy Star, Spiritualized and the Jesus and Mary Chain. On latest single 'Out Of My Head' the simple rhythms and surging, feedback ridden guitar is elevated by the razor-blades-dripped-in-honey vocals. It’s lovely stuff.

EMA — Aryan Nation

Ever the innovator and political agitator the new track from EMA is another hard-hitting political polemic. Guided by a to-the-point electro-punk tune the message is driven loud and clear – feminist isolation becomes working-class isolation. ‘Aryan Nation’ takes aim at the current political climate and shots it straight between the eyes.

Ball – Speeding

The story goes that Ball were formed by the mysterious S. Yrék Ball after they fled a murky cult in Northern Europe with his brothers. The result is an unholy mess of psych freakouts, acid-laced riffs and mind-fucking distortion. If this is a new rock cult it might be one losing your mind to.

Skating Polly - Louder In Outer Space

We keep covering Skating Polly because they just keep getting better and better! The vocal harmonies get tighter, the song-writing stronger and the riffs bigger on each release. Their grunge nostalgia has always been great but as they find their own feet Skating Polly should get bigger and bigger.

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