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Fresher Sounds - This week's best new music - 18/04/2017


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Dengue FeverEaster Weekend has just passed!  How many Easter eggs did you scoff in one go?  Did you paint a boiled egg and stick feathers on it?  Did you roll said boiled egg down a hill and then wonder why am I doing this? 

If you did, or did not, do any of these things is of no consequence to whether you will choose to listen to any of these banging tunes. 

What could have a potentially advocating effect are the titbits of description just tempting you to press play. Go on, procrastinate more from those imminent exams looming ever nearer, you know you want to…

Lossy & Strangers Are People Too - Microverse Part II

Lossy aka Sam Sharp’s “Microverse Part II”, out 28th April, is a challenge to current mainstream electro instrumentalism.  With a sprinkling of brass, providing intermittent melodies, this piece really pushes the boundaries. But it's not experimental, it has like-ability factor which means you can play it potentially infinite times. 

Pale Waves - There's A Honey

This four-piece Manchester band recently released an incredibly summery slice of 90s style indie pop. 'There’s A Honey' is their debut single since being signed to Dirty Hit Records. 

Daudi Matsiko - Take Me Old        

'Take Me Old' from Ugandan singer-songwriter and guitarist Daudi Matsiko is a folky, stripped back, confessional song that is exhausting and emotional. The combination of melancholic vocals and mellow fingerpicking guitar are surprisingly disarming and create a magical atmosphere. 

Hubbabubbaklubb - Mopedbart

'Mopedbart' by Oslo's Hubbabubbaklubb is a central pillar to the new 12 track compliation of chilled-out techno Balearic 3. Reworked by Olefonken into a spacey uplifting new version this track is the perfect antidote to a hectic Ibiza day (and night) as a perfect slice of sun-up Ibiza sound.

Dengue Fever - One Thousand Tears of a Tarantula

Los Angeles based Cambodian and American rock band Dengue Fever hit the scene with a bang. They’re style?  A combination of psychedelic pop and rock.  What do you expect when you hear of a song called; 'One Thousand Tears of a Tarantula'?  Quentin Tarantino I tell you.  If you’ve ever watched one of good old Tarantino’s movies and thought, “I’d like to keep listening”, then this is the song for you!

Malaika - Stop For A Minute

'Stop For A Minute' is the latest track by Leeds based soul/jazz vocalist Malaika and produced and co-written by John Beck and Curtis T Johns.  A pop-jazz fusion with R&B rhythms, this track takes inspiration from all corners of the music scene and is truly made by Malaika’s saccharine vocals.  After her recent success winning ‘Best Jazz/Blues’ at The Unsigned Music Awards, Malaika is an artist with a large future.

Kudu Blue – Drink Alone

Kudu Blue have just unveiled their brand new single 'Drink Alone'.  The Brighton-based quartet wrote, recorded and produced this entire track from their bedrooms.  Evidently an incredibly talented bunch, as the quality is unquestionably high, they have somehow managed to subtly combine aspects of electronic pop with soul and RnB. 

Mt. Wolf - Heavenbound

This one is for fans of The National, Bon Iver and M83.  The perfectly kept equilibrium of dreamy electronics and folky fiddles keeps any listener hypnotised in the ethereal atmosphere that 'Heavenbound' creates. 

Hajk - Nothing Left To Say

'Nothing Left To Say' is a charming indie pop combo track that brings summer to you.  The single is off their self-titled debut album set to be released on 28th April.  With inspirations such as the Dirty Projectors, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Amason this is ones for fans of soul-tinged, blue eyed soul.

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