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Fresher Sounds – The best new music – 07/04/2017


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Factory SecondsHow did it get to Friday? We usually do this column at the start of the week!

The fact is we have been drowning In incredible new music as of late, we get our list together and another five great new tunes get sent our way. How do you keep on top of that?

Still it’s a welcome distraction from the satire-as-reality world we are currently living in. We really need some good tunes to soundtrack the impeding apocalypse. At least the sun’s out now…

This week’s run of tunes really just show how inventive new music is right now. Next time some carps on about how music ‘was better in the old days’ stick this lot in their ears, if they still think that leave them to their miserable existence.

Happy Friday!

Factory Seconds – Caught In The Layers

There’s something nostalgic about new London band Factory Seconds – they are named after the old factory where they rehearse, their first single ‘Caught In The Layers’ is through a postcard release on Art Is Hard records and the tune itself is a brilliant slice of anthemic shoegaze/dream-pop. For a first release this is seriously epic.

Physics House Band – Calypso

What exactly would the house band for physics sound like? Physics is “natural science that involves the study of matter and its motion and behaviour through space and time, along with related concepts such as energy” (thanks Wikipedia) and the music of Physics House Band kinda sounds a bit like that. ‘Calypso’ taken from the album Mercury Fountain (out 21st April) is a kinetic slab of math rock veering off in all sorts of directions and taking in innumerable genres. Comedian Stewart Lee is also a massive fan – so that should be recommendation enough.

My Baby – Love Dance

Amsterdam trio My Baby’s new album Prehistoric Rhythm drops today, and it certainly has a sense of history to it - in the rhythms, in the vocals but all in all it is an intriguing modern pop record. ‘Love Dance’ takes in ancient rhythms, folk/country strings and banging techno infiltrated by future RnB. It’s hard to put your finger in where its pulse lies, which is what makes it great.

Little Dragon – Sweet

New music from Little Dragon is always an event, and ‘Sweet’ the third new tune from forthcoming album Season High (out 14th April) is an absolute banger. It’s a quirky, sugar-induced dancefloor track beautifully framed by lead singer Yukimi’s incredible, lush vocals.

LAMIA – Not Mine

Leeds based producer and vocalist Lamia has dropped a stunning slice of dark electronic pop as part of the newly revived record label Dance To The Radio’s 4x12 compilation. ‘Not Mine’ sounds like Jeff Buckley fronting a classic trip-hop supergroup and it doesn’t sound like it comes from this earthly plain.

Yehan Jehan – Phantom’s Beat

Yehan Jehan could well bring the smooth sounds of yacht rock back into fashion. The London native, of Bosnian descent combines ten years of musical development through classic funk, hip-hop, psych rock, rock‘n’roll and 60s/70s film music into an intoxicating ultramodern stew. Taking the polished pop production of 80s Quincy Jones and giving it a quirky modern indie edge ‘Phantom’s Beat’ is the smoothest pop possible.

So Many Wizards – That’s Just Poison

‘That’s Just Poison’ taken from So Many Wizards upcoming album Heavy Vision is the perfect sound for a hazy summer afternoon. A brilliant dream-punk tune it is as much indebted to the off-kilter stylings of Syd Barrett as it is the Ramones. It’s fast but psychedelic, angry but optimistic and it needs to be on your playlists.

Machinedrum – U Betta

How exactly is Machinedrum so prolific yet so consistently brilliant? Beats me! But here we go again with new single ‘U Betta’ ,an RnB love song transmitted from the future…

PVT – Kangaroo

PVT are always battling with their status, never sitting still, never allowing the audience to get a grip on what they are. What they are is an ever morphing, ever evolving musical organism that is never anything less that incredible. ‘Kangaroo’ cements this once again, a bouncing but down-beat kinetic piece of experimental, electronic-pop from another dimension.

WOODS – Love Is Love

WOODS anticipated album Love Is Love hits on 19th May. The title track does little to quell the anticipation weaving psychedelic swirls of guitar with African rhythms and with a serious New York air of cool. It is bright and also dark.


Quays and Lixo – Infighting

This is an exciting collab, and the results speak for themselves. ‘Infighting’ shows how Lixo and Quays joint efforts are deconstructing the templates of pop and UK bass culture and rebuilding the pieces to create something special. Here garage is ripped apart infused with glitches and given a dubstep underlay to create an eerie, foreboding tension. The EP ‘Ida’ is going to be essential listening over the coming months.

Noga Erez – Off The Radar

Is there a new artist at the moment more essential than Noga Erez? Probably not. The Tel Aviv based badass is the pop rebel we need. ‘Off The Radar’ is the latest essential cut from forthcoming album of the same name (due out 2nd June) and packs a heavy punch admist dance-heavy beats and dynamic melodies, her words another savvy comment on the world as she sees it. This time is address contemporary fears of being anonymous and being forgotten.

Ulrika Spacek – Full of Men

Their debut album came out in early 2016 and now DIY, art-rock darlings Ulrika Spacek are almost ready to drop their second. The hype around this band is more than justified and further cemented by new track ‘Full of Men’.

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