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Fresher Sounds – 09/02/2017


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Unqualified Nurse BandPinch yourself! Go on do it!

Have you woken up?No, me neither.

There’s always the hope that this ‘reality’ is just a bad dream inspired by binge-watching Brass Eye and Black Mirror and eating the really mouldy cheese!

But nah, this is real and everything.

With this week’s run of new tunes it was another thing to make me hope for this being a dream. I mean if my mind can come up with music this good, I must subconsciously be a genius!

Click play and see if it is all real....

Arcade Fire feat. Mavis Staples – I Give You Power

Arcade Fire morph into a dark techno force, taking the fight to the Trump administration’s trampling of civil rights in league with gospel and soul legend Mavis Staples providing powerful vocals on ‘I Give You Power’. All proceeds from the track go to the American Civil Liberties Union. Rarely does political activism make you want to dance this much!

Unqualified Nurse Band – Death Surf A52

A band for little more than a year we’ve already had an EP and an album out of UNB, with another on the way. If that’s not enough they’re dropping a new single through the Too Pure Singles Club. Packed with crushing riffs and swirling noise, psyche-swirls and melodies also seep into the tracks cracks – it’s both violent and serene.

Yasmine Hamdan – La Ba’den

‘La Ba’den’ is a collision of worlds, a merging of cultures. Arab world underground icon Yasmine Hamdan has joined forces with Sonic Youth’s Steve Shelley and UK producers Luke Smith and Leo Abrahams for new album Al Jamilat (The Beautiful Ones). The tune connects Arabic musical traditions with elements of western pop, electronic and folk music to create a ambient-pop wonder that belongs nowhere but everywhere.

You’ll Never Get to Heaven – To Be Fair

Float into a perpetual dream world with the new cut from You’ll Never Get to Heaven. The Canadian ambient-pop duo sculpt magnificent monuments of sound and ‘To Be Fair’ is the perfect introduction to what looks set to be a special new record.

Rainbrother – Juggler

Rainbrother’s cinematic, widescreen psych-folk could soundtrack the road-movie in your mind. Latest single ‘Juggler’ taken from new album Tales From The Drought adds quirk to the polish of their downbeat alt-Americana sound.

Vodun – Bloodstones

This London lot are heavy! ‘Bloodstones’ takes crushing hard rock riffs and powerful soul vocals to drive home the songs themes of oppression and slavery – hard!

H. Grimace – Land/Body

New London four-piece echo the best of 80s post-punk and indie with kinetic rhythms and duelling guitars that at times break into explosions of noise. Debut album Self Architect is coming in April.

Vandana - Vicious

Fusing elements of trip-hop, alternative pop and electronica Vandana, is the new gothic, pop princess taking electronic pop into deep, dark, cerebral realms. Spacious synths and clattered beats  mesh with assured vocals to create ‘Vicious’ a tune that will embed itself in your subconscious.

Lucky Shivers – Human By Night

The first release from Lucky Shivers is a definite ear-worm. Bridging the gap between American and UK indie ‘Human By Night’ is cute without being twee, pop without being disposable and indie without being inaccessible. It’s just how indie-pop should sound.



Nidia Minaj - E Pa Nu Mata

‘E Pa Nu Mata’ is another dancefloor gem from Minaj’s run of kuduro and afro-house stylings. A slowburner built on a syncopated West African rhythm is a unique take on the house music template.

The Black Angels – Currency

‘Currency’ is a surging, psychedelic earworm and the first single from the Austin noise-mongers forthcoming album Death Song due in April. Shamanic vibes emanate from the centre of tribal rhythms and bursts of guitar noise.

Nargiz – OoW No More

A stylish flip of Rhianna’s ‘Woo’ this new cut from Nargiz loops the original’s guitar riff on top of clattering percussion and Travi$ Scott’s harmonies. Brimming with sub bass it adds new depth to the original.

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