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Introducing: SOAK


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Pretty soon SOAK will not need to be ‘introduced’. The Irish singer-songwriter dropped her debut album Before We Forgot How to Dream last week, and it marks the start of an exciting path.


Known to her teachers and loved ones as Bridie Monds-Watson, SOAK infuses ‘soul’ and ‘folk’ together not just in name. A prodigy from the age of just thirteen, when she first picked up a guitar, she released three EPs between 2012 and 2014.

Earlier this year Bridie and the band played a tour solely on skate parks and in skate shops. Whilst there, attendees also got to enjoy complimentary pizza. Though, that's not all. Chosen to play this year’s SXSW, this summer sends nineteen year old SOAK and the band right around the festival circuit and beyond.

Full length ‘Before We Forgot How to Dream’ suggests that Bridie is wise beyond her years, brooding lyrics spin stories of teenage heartbreak, family qualms and faith in religion for a friend in need ‘I prayed for you and you know I don’t like Jesus’

Innocently entitled songs ‘Shuvel’ and ‘B a noBody’ provide interesting insight, adding homely touches to a delicate album that is strong in its ways.

Comparable to that of Laura Marling, there’s admirable sincerity to SOAK’s storytelling. It’s almost as though the songs have been scratched straight into a battered notebook, caught in the moment.

Though with the playfulness of kaos (her pseudonym spelt backwards’). Both metaphoric and bluntly to the point, she references sea creatures and ghosts. 

 Harvesting a stand-out angelic voice, ranging from brewing anthemic chords to honey smothered tones, it’s easily recognisable and idiosyncratic. Be it the pronunciation of ‘blud’ or the slight hints of a cheekily luscious accent in 'Reckless Behaviour'. 

Accompanied by either an electric or acoustic guitar, instrumentals work in harmony and act as a familiar friend. Though, production often involves falling raindrops, bewitching strings or replicate heart beats, lifting sincerity with sleek basslines. Adding a subtle lo-fi dance vibe.

Rumour has it that Bridie dropped out of Music College, much to her manager at the times (her parents) dismay in a bid to do things her own way. As well as being able to make a tour with Tegan and Sara. So worth it.

With a string of sold out headline shows all over the country and right the way over to America and Australia ('Koala Land'), SOAK is heading on the global road again later this year.

It’s SOAK’s subtle familiarity and bravery to be daring and speak on people’s behalf that makes her music so universally appreciated.

“There are tears in my eyes. Congratulations Ireland!” posted Bridie following the results of the recent marriage referendum. Having come out as gay to her family at the start of her teenage years, SOAK’s songs encapsulate strong emotions towards equality and injustice.

‘I don’t think they know what love is’

Her chosen method of transport may be a skateboard, and she recently had ‘goon’ tattooed above her knee.

Bridie is earnest, her own person and she’s cool. She’s definitely cool. Which is probably one of the reasons that she’s signed to Rough Trade. 

 Before We Forgot How To Dream is out now.

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