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Chic alternative Halloween costumes

So you don't have a Halloween costume, but there's no need to resort to the cat option - again.

Live review: Modern Table perform Darkness Poomba at The Place

Modern Table closed the Korean Music Festival with a unique performance.

Student smashes into police car while taking topless selfie

Don't drink and drive and sext (if you needed reminding.)

Theatre Review: Amadeus @ The National Theatre

Two polar opposing characters who both capture your attention in very different ways.

Theatre Review: The Importance of Being Earnest @ The Curve Theatre, Leicester

The incoherence between staging, set and acting seemed to be a recurring theme throughout.

Film Review: The Accountant

Ben Affleck shooting people and doing maths manages to be the most insensitive film of the year.

Tony Blair says voters should have the chance to change their minds on Brexit

The former prime minister said: “We are entitled to carry on scrutinising, and, yes, if necessary, to change our minds” about Brexit.

We know whether it's Bill Murray or Tom Hanks in that very confusing photograph

See if you can spot our sneaky Murray and Hanks film references too…

The injected male contraceptive is 'effective for 96% of couples'

But it seems to come with some pretty bad side effects.


8 shows to watch on Netflix to curb your Pretty Little Liars addiction

Need a distraction from A-theories? Here are eight binge-watching suggestions to keep you busy as we wait for the second half of Pretty Little Liars' final season.

Drone racing at Insomnia gaming festival

The Insomnia festival is set to make a return in December in Birmingham in its 59th iteration.

A big take-over and a new era of popularity for F1?

Will F1's big media takeover mean more events, more fans and more attention? 

This headline will get you some very cheap booze

2 cocktails for £6 at Walkabout? Oh, go on then.

Scarlett Johansson Opens Parisian Popcorn Shop

The actor calls Yummy Pop "a symbol of friendship between my two beloved cities, Paris and New York."

Is English Football Homophobic?

There are 1,124 players in the top two divisions of English footbal, and not one is openly gay.

We've got some terrible news about your gin & tonic

Industry experts reckon the price of a bottle of spirit – and also wine – is facing a major hike thanks to inflation increases. Yikes.

10 metal bands that will make your Halloween even scarier

Halloween is a night for pure terror. These 10 heavy bands provide scares in spades.

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