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How to save energy and keep the cost of heating low during 'Beast from the East's' return


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The 'Beast from the East' might be returning, but you shouldn't be afraid to put the heating on and stay warm this weekend!

One of the biggest worries in a student house is bills, or more accurately, ever-increasing bills. Life is already expensive enough, so companies taking advantage and raising their prices is a headache we could happily live without. 

This can make living in England a tad problematic, as the terrible weather can end up forcing students to choose between warmth or secure finances. If you are barely able to afford the cost of heating on a good day, bitter storms and snowfall like the 'Beast from the East' can make it a very hard month indeed. 

However, new information suggests this might not need to be the case much longer, and that if people were more aware of their options they could save a lot of money. In fact, research by MoneySuperMarket suggests that millions of people are staying with suppliers even when they are being overcharged. Moreover, they found that many of these people could be saving an average of £250 a year, but choose to stay on expensive standard variable tariffs instead. 

So, in the leadup to the return of the 'Beast from the East', and following warnings from the Met Office that temperatures in the UK are set to plummet this weekend and heavy snow is expected, we thought we'd share some useful advice.

Thankfully, our friends at MoneySuperMarket have given us some top tips on how students can dispel energy-saving myths and easily swap suppliers. So don't worry, as these tips should help you keep warm and save on the bills this weekend. 

“I’ll be left without gas or electricity during a switching process”
Energy suppliers don’t each have their own branded pipes or cables providing energy. In reality, a switch is exactly that, a seamless transfer between suppliers that you’ll hardly notice
“I’m renting so I’m not able to switch suppliers”
As long as the bill is addressed to you and you’re the one paying for it, you can change suppliers – but it is worth informing your landlord for their records
“I’ve signed up to a fixed tariff, so I can’t change to another deal”
A fixed tariff means that the unit prices for gas and electricity won’t change for a set period of time – however, peace of mind can cost a little more. If you want to switch tariffs, you can, just watch out for exit fees
“It takes way too much effort to switch energy providers”
It can take just five minutes to switch, just enter your postcode online and fill in your energy habits – save up to £250 a year for five minutes work
“I have a pre-payment meter so am unable to switch”
As long as you don’t have £500 or more debt on the meter you can switch. However, bear in the mind that the best deals are only available for people with credit meters

If you want to find out more about how to control your household energy bills and demystify the process of switching, follow the link here. 

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