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Creativity, business & saying no to booze: we meet student entrepreneur Brandon Taylorian


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Here, The National Student speaks to student entrepreneur Brandon Taylorian about how his booze-free lifestyle and enviable work ethic helped him launch a booming business from his bedroom - and why he hopes he’ll be the next big thing in philosophy…

Most creatives try to avoid the world of business, and most business leaders aren’t strictly ‘creative’. They are typically mutually exclusive. How have you managed to juggle the two?

It is a difficult combination between business and creativity, because the former focuses on profit and the latter focuses on the imagination - it’s all about balancing the two, though for me, creativity seems to always prevail.

I go through periods of time when I am focused on business strategy and marketing and how I intend to apply my knowledge to my ideas, and during other periods, I tend to focus much more on the creative aspect - and it is during these times I will think of a multitude of ideas in one single day. This, of course, means that one day I might have my business head on and others I might have a creative focus.

Infusing these two aspects of business and creativity has definitely given a sense of realism to my literary work especially in the way that I have structured it; I have made sure that everything I have written is commercially suitable. For this reason, mixing business and creativity has definitely worked well, and as long as I make the right balance between the two, they can work well together.

You sacrificed some of your teenage years setting the foundations of your current businesses. Do you have any regrets?

I don’t have any regrets. I consider myself the luckiest person in the world to be given such an intense focus and even though I have had to give up certain aspects of my teenage life, such as partying every weekend, I wouldn’t be interested in those things anyway.

It’s about a lifestyle and we all have different approaches to the way we wish to live, and it just so happens that my lifestyle is structured on my career for now, and more specifically, it is structured on my writing. By this, I mean that all day every day, my mind is constantly seeking new material to apply my writing to, whether this be in a literary sense or a philosophical sense.

I do, however, admit that the idea of Jesse Millette (his fictional teenage detective) came to me very young at the age of just 15 years old, and I have had idea after idea every single day since. One thing I do need to do more is appreciate this time of my life - but I think I will only appreciate it once it has past, although I do try my best to do so.

Name the five items you’d take to a desert island.

1. My laptop. My laptop is my life at present. It goes pretty much everywhere I go because whenever I have an idea, as soon as I can I type it up on my laptop. When I’m in what I call my writing mode, or in a period of creativity, I spend all my time on my laptop, typing up the ideas that I have presented themselves to me.

2. My piano, together with a pencil and manuscript paper for composing. That just sounds like paradise to me to be able to play and compose piano music without any interruptions.

3. A chest filled with some of my favourite books as reading never fails to inspire me and is an excellent activity in order to initiate creativity.

4. A lifetime supply of my favourite dessert, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

5. My writing desk for all the work I intend to do.

What does the future hold for you, and where do you see yourself in 10, 20 and 50 year’s time?

Honestly, I really don’t know what the future truly holds for me, but that is the most exciting part about the future - if we know what is coming in our lives we would be just as excited as we were terrified. I do have my dreams, of course, some of which I have allured to, but perhaps not so clearly yet as I think one should be cautious in how they address their future as it will certainly not happen the way they intend it to.

In terms of my career, I’d like all the world to know my characters and myself and the journey I have been on and am still going through now.

For my philosophical ambitions, I really do hope to contribute to the philosophical world in a way that nobody else has done before. I want my ideas to become known and to help the world in any way they can.

Primarily though, I’d like to be known as a great thinker and as someone who can inspire others and although I am determined to reach that point, whether I will ever get there is a matter of whether I am meant to get there; it is important that I remain humble and accept what life intends to throw my way.

Brandon’s latest book, Jesse Millette and The Phantom's Curse, is out now on Amazon, priced £7.60 in paperback and £2.99 as an eBook. For further inspiration, go to

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