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12 people who have already failed their New Year’s resolutions


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New Year’s resolutions are funny old things. Every year, we feel like we have to make goals such as “eat more healthily” and “sleep more” only for most of us to fail or forget them before January has passed.

But, for some people sticking to resolutions can be so difficult that they are broken before we've even dusted the cobwebs off and got back to work.

That’s right folks, it’s January 2nd, and people have already failed their 2018 resolutions.

And here are some of our favourites:

1. This would be go-getter.

2. This sleep deprived individual.

3. In all fairness to this person – it is the end of the holiday season.

4. To be honest, this man’s resolution sounds more like a health concern.

5. Like number 4, maybe “Nick” also needs to visit his GP?

6. This man already failed the classic.

7. This lady’s dermatologist is not going to be very happy with her.

8. This person is trying and failing to do the bare minimum.

9. There’s always that one guy who tries to be different.

10. Maybe this lady just needs a holiday.

11. This guy failing at social media is totally relatable.

12. This man ought to be proud of how long he lasted in comparison to some of the others.

Resolutions are made to be broken so don’t beat yourself up about it too much!

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