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How much of these 12 things would it take to kill you?


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As morbid as the headline you just read is, it’s actually a pretty fascinating question.

YouTube channel AsapSCIENCE has almost 6.8 million subscribers, a real knack for this kind of thing, and a history for looking into deadly amounts – which you’ll find out about later.

Here they are to explain more.

Any of that surprise you? Still trying to get your head around it all?

Perhaps a recap will help. AsapSCIENCE’s team of Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown source a plethora of scientific papers and articles to find answers to your science questions. So based on their research, here are 12 things which could kill you – fun!

1. 129 teaspoons of pepper.

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2. A few teaspoons of nutmeg.

3. 10.5 cups of sugar (assuming you’re 150lbs (68kg)).

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4. 24 170ml tubes or 6 ounces of toothpaste.

5. 68 nanograms of botox.

6. Around 11,000 oranges or 809 vitamin C supplement pills.

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7. 14G of acceleration.

8. An internal body temperature of 40C.

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9. An internal body temperature of -21C.

10. 7,143 abdominal X-rays in a row.

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11. Around 25 medium sized green potatoes.

12. About 480 bananas.

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Scary stuff hey – you’ll think the next time you’re about to eat 480 bananas in one go.

But wait, there’s more – and part one of the Canadian YouTubers’ “this much will kill you” theme is well worth a watch.

It’s all about moderation…

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