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10 things you'll only understand if you're from Yorkshire


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The first day of August marks probably the most important event in all the year: Yorkshire Day.

It's no secret that 'God's Own County' is the best of all: it's the largest, prettiest and would've finished 12th at the London Olympics if it was its own country. With three national parks, tourism numbers that exceed every Disneyland put together, and more Michelin starred restaurants than anywhere else outside of that city down south we don't speak of, we've got a lot to boast about.

But, as welcoming as we are, there are just some things you won't understand if you're not a born 'n' bred Yorkshire lad/lass. 

Being able to use 'alright' as a greeting, question, answer and adjective.

An average conversation in Yorkshire goes something like: "Alright lad" "Alright!" "You alright?" "Alright, you?" "Alright" "Alright!" "Alright night?" "Ere, 'twas alright" "Alright then, alright" "Alright, alright" "Alright!"

Translation: "Hello" "Hello!" "How are you?" "I'm good thanks, how are you?" "I'm good" "Good!" "Did you have a good night last night?" "Yeah, it was good" "Good, I best be off" "Okay, bye!" "Bye!"

Knowing exactly what tin tin tin means (alternatively, 't i'n't in tin).

Not translating this one, as it's funny to say this to a Southerner and then ask them to say what it means. They'll never understand.

In fact, just completely omitting the word 'the' from your vocabulary and still being able to understand.

It's stereotypical of a Yorkshire man to say "t'" instead of "the" - but that's not true. We just don't use that word at all.

Refusing a cup of tea if it's not one specific brand.

What the fuck is a PG Tip?

The compelling need to have gravy on everything.

Gravy on Yorkshires. Gravy on roasties. Gravy on veg. Gravy on pies. Gravy on chips. Gravy on fruit. Gravy on ice cream. Gravy in the bath.

Never having to do the washing up, 'cos you can eat your plate.

WHERE ELSE has created such an incredible, edible creation that serves not only as the best part of a roast dinner, but as a plate as well?

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Not wearing a coat until it hits -4ºC.

We have thick skin and don't get cold. Ever. Yorkshire is never, ever cold or rainy...

Never having to leave the county for a beach holiday.

Scarborough, Whitby, Robin Hood's Bay, Sandsend, Staithes Flamborough... even Bridlington or Filey.

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Being superior to Lancashire.

Manchester who?

Being superior to Lincolnshire.

Grimsby is called GRIMsby for a reason, and Scunthorpe...

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