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How ordering an 'angel shot' could help to protect women on dates


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Some of Britain’s bars have a new shot on the menu – the “angel shot”.

The order at the bar isn’t actually a kick start to a heavy night’s drinking however, it is an alert to staff which could get women out of trouble.

The drinks are supposed to protect women so that if they feel unsafe whilst on a date – or things just don’t feel quite right – they can discreetly alert staff.

In the example above – thought to be from a bar in Florida – bar staff can help the woman depending on the manner of drink they order. Asking for the shot neat will mean the bar staff will escort you to your car, with ice they will call you a lift and with lime – the police.

However, there are other forms of the service. For example an initiative in Lincolnshire asks women to “ask for Angela” at the bar if they are concerned about their safety.

For many the idea makes complete sense.

However, some worry they may cause some confusion.

Others are saddened that the system is necessary at all.

Some sceptics think the publicity angel shots are getting is exactly what will undermine them…

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