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'The class was like milk, only good for two weeks' we found the best reviews on Rate My Professor


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Everyone knows how it feels sitting in a boring lecture with never-ending PowerPoint slides. As bad as those classes are, there is one good thing that came out of these students' experiences. Keep reading to see 20 of the funniest Rate My Professor reviews for some comic relief.

1. This professor apparently should be teaching a course on irony

2. The professor who reminds students of a certain woodland creature

3. The one who doesn’t do well with disagreement

4. The professor who kindly shared napping tips 

5. This professor's musical skills outweigh other negative traits

6. The one with ancient decor 

Twitter has managed to dig up some interesting ratings as well.

7. Like this student who has interesting ways of coping with his dislike of class. 

8. This professor needs some coaching on the difference between reading and lecturing

9. This one can send you to hell

10. The joker

11. I only have one question: do any birds understand copyright laws? 

12. Never-ending exams

13. Rude much

14. What are you wearing?!

15. He was in his boxers


16. How would you compare the lecturer?

17. The one who clearly didn't write the slides

18. WOW - good analogy 

19. The unhappy Santa

20. The Timelord

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