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The #MyMentalHealthIn5Words hashtag is dark and heartbreaking and uplifting at the same time


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People have taken to Twitter in their thousands today to sum up their mental health in five words, with many finding the bravery to share their struggles with anxiety, depression and OCD with the world.

Whilst it’s easy to scroll through a trending hashtag and forget about it once it’s vanished from the Twitter side bar, this one is the most important we’ve seen in a while – and it’s full of stories that need to be told, and remembered.

From the heartbreaking to the hopeful, we’ve rounded up a few of the Tweets that the #MyMentalHealthIn5Words hashtag brought forth today.

Remember, if you’re in need of some help there are services available and waiting for you - please contact Mind, the mental health charity, or just speak to someone in your life about how you’re feeling. It’s the first step.

Some Tweets provided solid advice for getting through the day:

Some were musical...

And some were nothing but heartbreaking:

There were uplifting moments, reminding us that we’re not alone:

And some that summed up the most important message of all: 

Here are some resources to consider if you're struggling with your mental health:‎‎ 


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