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This freshman put up a sign asking for free food and someone actually replied


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Two freshmen from Texas State University put up a sign on their dorm window asking for free food, what happened next was unexpected.

Though it seemed unlikely someone would reply, the people living below replied using the same method, probably seeing the original sign when they were heading to their dorms.

The innocent exchange went something like this:

'Bring food room 449'

'What kind of food?'

'Anything tbh we fat'

'How fat are we talking?'

'Slim thicc'

'Wit yo cute ass?'

According to Emma who posted the pictures on Twitter they have not received any food. 

Someone pointed out that two guys had commented on the thread claiming they were the downstairs neighbours.

It was revealed that Emma and her roomate ended up exchanging numbers and Snapchats with the guys below and are now good mates.They even left notes and Pringles at each others’ doors but no food as of yet.

Since then the tweet has received nearly half a million likes and over a hundred thousand retweets. 

Emma said she never expected the tweet would go viral, "I just posted it because I had been posting the updates every time we went outside and saw they had messaged us back and all my friends thought it was funny. My phone is still glitching from all the notifications."

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